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    Lightbulb Habring2 Road Show !!

    Every year at end of march Baselworld is taking place. As worlds biggest and most recognized Watch-fair it’s the place where traditionally all news been presented.The crowds of international purchasers and press can’t be wrong. But Baselworld is most of all public open.

    Interferences or changes in the annual exhibition schedule – f.i. the earlier Geneva Salon this year – influencing the stream of visitors heavily. Stress and hecticness is common for the first days – while more peace and quietance stands for the last days. But not everyone has the chance to use those more quiet days to indulge one’s passion.

    Due to the hight pretend with it’s almost 50 watches a year only – as probably the smallest watch manufacturer in the world – Habring² is probably like no other producer depending to the direct interaction with it’s customers. Selective manufacture according to customers specification does automaticly not lead to products which may be distributed simply on trade fairs.

    Our customers appreciating the individual and time consuming advise to select their very special dream piece out of the Habring² modular system. According to experience this does not really work on trade fairs.

    The international experience with small individual gatherings did encourage us to try it in central Europe as well. Habring² with it‘s collection and news comes to you or at least nearer to you. A small group of enthusiasts, finger food, some drinks, the newest developments, some intersting stories, time and passion are the other ingredients. Family is warmly welcome! To see is the entire collection of Habring² including Chrono COS, Tourbillon 3D and of course the news: The Foudrouyante and the new world timer!

    The first stations of this roadshow are:

    March 30th 2009: Basel
    April 2nd 2009: München
    April 3rd 2009: Hamburg
    April 4th 2009: Maastricht
    April 5th 2009: Frankfurt / Main

    Further shows in Vienna (late autumn while Viennatime exhibition) and New York City are planned but not scheduled yet.

    Please registrate under Klein@pmh-europa.de if you’re interested to join. Please excuse that the number of seats is limited.

    Further shows and appointed days following – in addition we’d be happy to hear your suggestion where you’d like to get in touch with Habring².
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