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Friday 25th October 2013 --
RJ-Romain Jerome is proud to announce that its ad campaign released during the 2013 edition of Baselworld, has been crowned “Campaign of the Year” by a Jury of communication professionals.

The RJ campaign, made initially for the Baselworld is a 100% in-house project: from the ideation to copywriting including design to creative direction. The aim was to bypass the industry codes in terms of communication which tend to always recycle the same cliché. All seven visuals from the campaign feature a disproportioned claim on a white background, while the simplicity of RJ’s words has taken over the emotion emerging from the campaign.

“Eyjafjallajö… WHAT?”
The common saying is that a “picture speaks a thousand words”. RJ-Romain Jerome did the exact opposite by shinning light on its interpellant wording thus placing its watches in retreat. Each visual refers to a specific model described by a subtle text that recalls historical famous sayings or by tantalizing the reader with sold out timepieces! Once again, RJ-Romain Jerome provokes and disturbs with an “out of the box” sense of communication.

It is all these factors that made this bold campaign a success. Targeting an audience of watch aficionados and talking to a pure trade audience, RJ-Romain Jerome is proud to have distinguished itself from other ad campaigns through a creative and avant-garde approach.

As all things come in threes, the watchmaking Maison is taking home the prize for the third time in four years.
RJ-Romain Jerome wishes to salute the joint effort of its team and looks forward to working on new and exciting projects for 2014: Dear challengers, the competition is on for next year!