Hi Folks!

Thanks for helping me clear up the issue about the Spesnatz watches previously. As mentioned, now I know how to categorise my pieces properly so I can post them up now for all to view!

Here's the whole gang, comprising of Russians, Pseudo-Russian and Non-Russian

And here are the two stars, relevant to this forum! A Sturmanskie for the Stars, and a Vostok Amphibian for the Seas!!

Here's the Sturmanskie in its case.

The Vostok in its case when it arrived from Zenitar!

Here's me changing the rubber strap that came with the watch to a NATO strap so that I could wear it with me for a two weeks' Reservice training stint.

NATO strap on! And yes, I'm back from my training and the Vostok is still happily ticking away, albeit slightly scratched. Will post a new picture of how it looks like when I get better light on the weekend days.

Just trying out something for a forum signature. I hope I got the text right. Would any Russian speakers help to see if I got it right?