vostok 2416b never fully wound

Thread: vostok 2416b never fully wound

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    vostok 2416b never fully wound

    I got a komanderskie with a 2416b, and I wind the crown over and over and over, more than 30 times, and it never becomes fully wound... Does anyone have any ideas? Is this normal?

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    Re: vostok 2416b never fully wound

    It's normal. In automatic watches there is a special mainspring end, that slips a bit on the barell wall when it's wound fully. Otherwise the auto-winder would try to wind a fully wound spring against it's resistance. It would be like pressing the corwn in winding direction against the resistance in a handwind watch - it can damage the movement and causes knocking of the balance wheel, so to prevent it - this system was invented :)
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