is it wrong to gloat?
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Thread: is it wrong to gloat?

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    is it wrong to gloat?

    this arrived in the post today.

    Molnija hunter pocket watch with a ww2 commemorative case and an absolutely beautiful face.

    sadly I had to part with a whopping 7.50 (inc post) for it.

    am I a happy bunny?

    I do think so!!
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    Re: is it wrong to gloat?

    They are certainly cracking value for money these things!

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    Re: is it wrong to gloat?

    Gloat? I would be happy too! That dial is gorgeous!
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    Re: is it wrong to gloat?

    We don't consider it gloating, as we are just as happy for you as you are!!
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    Re: is it wrong to gloat?

    Gloating is half the fun of getting an outstandingly good deal (like you did)

    However ...just in case you get too lightheaded here ...whether or not that dial is beautiful, that is very much a matter of taste
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    7.50 is definitely a bargain although I think the dial is a matter of taste . I prefer a much cleaner full white dial. I picked up a vintage USSR Grouse (Sekonda) full hunter for 20 this week, not quite as cheap as yours but it's in immaculate condition and much better than the NOS prices of around 80.

    I managed to outbid the highest bidder by 1p in the very last second (I thought I had just lost out as it was touch and go), now that's what I call perseverance! Apologies if I outbid anyone here.

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