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    Re: Chinese watch industry links

    Quote Originally Posted by sandvinia View Post
    Hi, Chascomm,
    Thank you for this comprehensive list.
    Do you know by any chance what international brands do Nanning watch factory & Seagull supply?
    thank you in advance for you help.
    I'm not sure about Nanning. It is often hard to distinguish them from Dixmont-Guangzhou due to the perfect interchangeability between their movements. I don't think they make complete watches for international brands.

    Sea-Gull have made complete watches for several non-Chinese brands e.g. Plazeon in Thailand and Wagner in Germany. I'm not sure about the rebranded 1963-style chronographs that show up around the place; whether they are made by Sea-Gull or by somebody else using the same parts.

    Sea-Gull movements are used by many international brands. Currently all the movements that Invicta use which they identify as 'Technica Swiss Ebauches' are from Sea-Gull, although they have sourced from other manufacturers in the past. The cheaper ST16 movements turn up pretty much anywhere in the cheap brands. Sea-Gull supplies ebauches for finishing in Switzerland by Claro-Semag so any watch with a CL 888 is (indirectly) Sea-Gull powered e.g. various Fossil, Zodiac, Swiss Legend. Sea-Gull tourbillon movements have been used by Soyuz watches in Russia and Poljot-International in Germany.

    And of course the ST19 is the 'other' choice (alongside the Russian Maktime 3133) for international manufacturers wanting a hand-winding chronograph without refurbishing vintage Swiss movements. In fact at least one well-known Swiss brand with a reputation for finishing vintage Venus cal 175 have been caught out using the ST19 in a very expensive watch. Sea-Gull built a special version of the ST19 with custom bridges for German brand Riedenschild a few years ago.

    The Sea-Gull ST28 hand-winding alarm movement was used briefly by Sorna, Wakmann and Trias brands a year or two ago, but the movement doesn't seem to be in production any longer, which I think is a shame.
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    Re: Chinese watch industry links

    wonderfull many thanks !

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    Re: Chinese watch industry links

    I just wanted to thank you for doing all this work. I will be checking out your links shortly.

    Big Zebra

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    Re: Chinese watch industry links

    Shenzhen Gelola watch Ltd.16 years watch factory based in Bao'an Shenzhen.
    This watch factory mainly in OEM/ODM watches.
    Contacted with whatsapp:+86 17876140289 This is their OEM&ODM watch consultant. Professional on watch design.

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