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    Hour Vision review with photos

    This is my first foray into writing a review of anything so I will apologise in advance for any omissions.

    I was on a short break with my wife when we passed an Omega AD. Always eager to look at watches I noticed that they had the elusive Hour Vision on display in the window and decided to just pop in to “have a look because this is the first time I’ve seen one”.

    Looked after very well by the salesman who knew his stuff, and was shown the watch on a strap. Very nice – thanked the salesman for his time and was asked if I would like a brochure about the watch to have a look at. Of course I said yes and we want away.

    Over lunch I was glancing through the book when my wife said if you liked the watch why not go back and get it ?

    Why not indeed, so back to the shop we went, and they had just unwrapped the bracelet version, now I am stuck between the bracelet and strap, not really a hard choice as we are always advised it is cheaper to buy the strap after if needed.

    After having the bracelet sized I came away as the proud owner of Omega’s latest creation.

    I do not have any pictures of the box but it is a very nice polished wooden version of the standard red leather.

    I sent off to customer services to get the COSC certificate and received it promptly with a card. I was a little disappointed that the card shows a picture of the PO I would have thought at least they could send one of the watch the certificate refers to.

    But what do I think, the bracelet is the most comfortable of all my Omegas, Bond GMT and Speedy.

    Timekeeping, well I set it the day after I got it to the best time signal I could find, the pips on radio 2 , I only wear it weekends as I want to keep it for ‘best’ and even then I will take it off if doing anything likely to catch it, when not worn it is either on a winder or sitting in a display box. If it not on the winder I will wind it a few turns in the morning or put it on for the evening. So how far out is, yesterday I checked it against my radio sync clock and found it was 4 seconds slow after six weeks, I can live with that.

    Power reserve is quoted at 60 hours, I can’t leave it alone long enough to find out.

    Please excuse the photo’s they are my first real attempt and looking at them now I can see where I went wrong but I do not have the free time to retake them.

    As an aside, I was in my local AD last weekend, got dragged in by my wife who saw a Christmas present for our daughter, and was spotted wearing the HV, the salesman was most impressed with the watch as he saw them at Basel but has not got his stock in yet and is not expecting any until next year. He also said that as far as he was aware there are only 20 Ads in the UK with stock, so I was wearing a very rare (at the moment) watch.

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    Re: Hour Vision review with photos

    Beautiful, some of the best pics I've seen of that watch yet, congrats!

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    Re: Hour Vision review with photos

    great review superb photos thanks for sharing great neat design and great movement
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    Re: Hour Vision review with photos

    Sorry that I didn't read your exellent review earlier.
    I usuallly prefer the black dials, but in this case the silver dial is the clear winner. Since this watch came out, I have been lusting after it. About 6 months ago, I was at my AD trying on a Breitling Windrider Blackbird, and I mentioned to him that I had always loved the Hour Vision but could not quite afford it. He told me that Omega had just updated that Aqua Terra with the identical movement. It turned out it was over 2 grand less, and I actually like it better, mine is with the teck grey dial.
    I still cast an admiring glance the way of the Hour Vision when I see one, though, especially with the silve dial like yours.
    Many happy years of wear!

    ps the only disappointment to me - and this is really being picky - is that mine does not come with the wooden version of the red leather box. That is a small thing, and would have been the icing on the cake.

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    Hour Vision review with photos

    If you'd like to see one in person, go see Brooke at the Sanford Mall in Sanford FL. I know this would be a bit of a trek for the vast majority of the members here, but the few that are close by and interested should go visit. Call first, as she has a very eclectic schedule .....

    It's a beautiful piece, and even more so in person.

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    Re: Hour Vision review with photos

    very nice! I have mine personally on a croc strap I like it better as it gives some contrast to the silver dial but the watch is a real winner! Congrats!

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    Re: Hour Vision review with photos

    very nice "dressy" watch. I love the display back. Congrats on the purchase.Wear it in good health
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    Re: Hour Vision review with photos

    Thanks for the Review, awesome job.
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