G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"
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Thread: G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"

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    Picture G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"

    G-Shock G7400 “Tough Solar”


    At first glance it looks like a G-Shock, no mistake. One criticism I have of some of the newer G’s is that they don’t often resemble a G-Shock (to me that is). But this one looks bang on from the outset, friends catching first sight of it on my wrist have been asking “When did you get the new G-Shock?”, there is no mistaking what it is.

    The model I own is very stealth like in its design. It is very dark matt grey, and the surface around the band and at the top and bottom of the face is textured, much like the pattern on aluminium metal fire escapes!

    It’s a great tactical watch.

    I wear an all black uniform at work and it matches this look perfectly. It is very military or uniform in it’s appearance for sure.


    The 7400’s display is large and has bold numerals which are easy to read, even in low light without having to operate the backlight. The smaller display at the bottom shows the date or day of the week.

    The backlight is operated by pressing the “G” bottom at the bottom of the watch, and can be adjusted to illuminate for 1.5 seconds or 2.5 seconds, this is done when in the time setting mode.

    There is also the feature of the auto backlight, which will illuminate the display when you tilt your wrist to view the time, which is a great feature if like me you work a night shift!

    There are three sub displays at the top of the face, the first to the left runs through the seconds in segments, the centre display shows what level of charge the watch is at (High, Medium or Low), and the display to the right runs through the minute in 20 second intervals.

    The display also contains the solar panel, which runs round the display on the watch face so will catch enough light even if partly covered by shirt, jacket, etc.


    The power for this G is solar power, the watch is charged in normal sunlight when worn.

    As previously stated the centre sub dial shows you the current power level. In “H” (high) all functions are enabled, as is the case when the display shows “M” (medium). When it displays “L” (low) it flashes which indicates that it must be charged sooner rather than later and only basic watch functions will work.

    According to the manual after a full charge the watch will have power for up to 11 months.

    There is also a power save function which when turned on the watch will enter a “sleep” state whenever it is left in an area where it is dark for a period of time. Again the power save mode can be set when in the time setting mode.


    The buttons are easy to use, and all functions are quickly accessible. Stopwatch and countdown timers are available as are 4 alarms with a snooze function, and hourly chime feature.

    The backlight button is black chromed and easy to find in the dark as it is smooth compared to the textured surround.

    The world time mode shows the current time in 30 cities over 29 times zones (according to the manual that is, I thought there were only 24 time zones in the world!), which is great for the frequent global traveller.

    There is also a function for Daylight Savings Time

    The countdown timer can be set from a range of 1 to 60 minutes, and the stopwatch range is 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, and also measures split time and two finishes as well as elapsed time.


    The band blends flawlessly with the watch casing and has a double tang buckle which is very sturdy and secure. The resin construction is comfortable and fits the wrist very well.

    It will fit both a large wrist and a small wrist no problem.


    This is a great watch, it sits very comfortably on the wrist. Although it does sit high on the wrist I have not as yet banged it on anything.

    It is very lightweight too, and at times you hardly feel it on the wrist.

    I bought this to replace my G100, which has seen faithful service over the last few years with me. I trust it will prove to be just as sturdy and reliable as it was, and still is.

    It offers great value for money too, I picked this up for only 50 Euro ($80).

    My tip……… grab one!
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    Re: G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"

    Do you know if this model is available in the US /Canada?

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    Re: G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"

    Hmmm, i like that [adds to list]
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    Re: G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"

    do most g's come with the power save mode?

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    Re: G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"

    I have the GW 002KA, which is the Atomic/ Solar version I believe. I agree that it is a great watch. Very comfortable and accurate. I sometimes forget that it is there. Other than the rightmost circle being the receiving indicator for the atomic signal, I believe all other functions are the same.

    That 'fire escape' type of texture on the watch is great too. I think it gives it a very unique appearance and it compliments the texture on the resin band as well.

    Thanks for sharing your review.

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    Re: G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"

    Nice review.
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    Re: G-Shock G7400 "Tough Solar"

    Nice! One does not get to see these watches very often!

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