Pathfinder PAW1300-1V extended review and pix (3 months)

Thread: Pathfinder PAW1300-1V extended review and pix (3 months)

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    Picture Pathfinder PAW1300-1V extended review and pix (3 months)

    Here's an extension of my original PAW1300-1V review after three months of ownership. First, the button map and a link the module, then my comments, then some real-life pix at bottom. Enjoy.

    Link to module 3070

    PAW1300-1V extended use review and pix (3 months)


    • the display is so big and bright you can read it in semi-darkness and even in darkness if there is a hint of light coming from somewhere.
    • the alarms are plenty loud. Example: as I write this I am sitting in my living room and my kids are downstairs on the computer. The timer just went off, ending one kidís web session. The other kid just yelled: ďThereís the timer, my turn!Ē
    • The alarms are loud but are not battery wasters and not annoying. I use a couple of alarms on the pathfinder to wake me up in the morning. Not sure exactly how long they go, but I think it is five seconds. This means I donít have to bother to find the watch and turn off the alarm.
    • Though I find it difficult to own more than one watch, I often try to justify a second watch with the dress/meeting watch argument. This argument is especially effective during the winter months, when I tend to dress a bit more sensibly for meetings etc. So I say to myself, ďI need a more professional, subdued design for the meetings. The Pathfinder is too big and loud.Ē Surprisingly I find that the Pathfinder looks fine with the clothes I wear (no suits and ties). It is entirely possible my colleagues donít feel the same way, but it is unlikely they will ever comment on the watch I am wearing.
    • I constantly checked my other Casios/G-Shocks to see if they were still as cool as I thought they were when I bought them. The Pathfinder I check constantly because I need to, and it still looks cool
    • atomic snyc Ė which Iíve never been a fan of Ė works each night no problem as long as the watch is near a window. As you see in pic, successful snyc shows three bars in the display, a large enough graphic that Ė when itís missing Ė causes an imbalance in the display and really annoys me
    • among the many amazing features this watch has (24hr CDT and stopwatch, five alarms, alti, baro, temp, compass, day/date on main display, atomic) it also has world time. I like to have this handy, though I only use WT when Iím waiting on a response from Japan re: a watch
    • though I donít use it much, the digital seconds hand blip around the perimeter is cool
    • strap remains the most comfortable of any Casio Iíve owned.
    • the black/silver accents are very cool
    • few scratches in three months and Iíve knocked it around quite a bit (see pix)
    • caseback etching very cool
    • In alarm mode you can use buttons A and C to scroll up or down through alarms and signal


    • probably the most annoying feature of this watch is one-way scrolling to get to the mode you want. There are G-modules out there that allow you to scroll forward and backward, which is nice, saves time when in a rush. With the PAW, you must hit button D five times to get to alarm mode. If you then decide you want to go to the timer (which is the mode just before alarm mode), you must hit button D six times to get to the end of the cycle, then begin again. I must admit that this really bothers me, cuts down on my efficiency when in a rush.
    • setting and running the CDT and stopwatch is a bit awkward. Even after three months I occasionally try to use buttons E and L to start/stop these functions, as with a Timex Ironman. In fact, button E sets the CDT, stopwatch, alarms while the Button L is the light button. You actually run the CDT and stopwatch using buttons A and C.
    • finding the light button in the dark takes some practice. Button L is just slightly raised. I am a lefty, wear the watch on right wrist, so my technique is to sweep my left thumb along the bottom of the lower circle until I find the button. After three months, I get it almost every time, but there are still times when Iíll be pressing a dead spot, eg too far past the light button, and this is annoying.
    • The CDT and stopwatch Hour counter sits at the top of the display and is very small, especially relative to the other display items (see pic). This can be deceiving upon first use. I timed a parking meter via CDT mode and looked down to see 9 minutes remaining. Panicked, I ran to the meter only to realize I had 1 hour 9 minutes remaining. I had ignored the hour indicator.
    • REC mode is the second mode available after main time mode. I believe REC mode is where alti recordings are stored. I find this annoying for two reasons: #1 because it is the second mode you encounter Ė Iíd rather the second mode be the alarm mode; #2 because I donít use it and find it overall a waste of time and space
    • The PAW1300 is the kind of watch that stops you from buying another watch if youíre a one-watch guy like me. Thereís no good reason to get something else. Unless itís the MTG-1000.
    • the inside of the strap tends to pick up dirt and gunk more than the average smooth G-strap because it is textured with a light cross-hatching. This is the trade-off for the comfort the softer, cross-hatched strap provides, I guess.

    Pathfinder group shot with other indispensable tools of the trade:

    Basic shot, note some scuffs and marks on bezel:

    CDT in action, note tiny "1H" indicator at top of display:


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    Re: Pathfinder PAW1300-1V extended review and pix (3 months)

    Sorry for dragging this old thread up, but I just want to say a word of thanks to FreeDiver for this very informative review! Am searching for a Pathfinder of my own now ;)

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