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Thread: A tribute to a (almost) perfect G-Shock - the G-7900MS all-black

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    Re: A tribute to a (almost) perfect G-Shock - the G-7900MS all-black

    Quote Originally Posted by GTR83 View Post
    Yeah, to be honest one of the reasons I stopped visiting this forum (aside from financial concerns at the time) was that the newer models just didn't interest me anymore. I'm sure everyone can come up with essays on why they love their new analog Masters and high end lifestyle blogs like Hodinkee even liked them but those just didn't do it for me.

    Over the years I've come to learn that simpler is better - for example, in a diving situation, the new D1000 Frog doesn't do anything that a serious dive computer can't, turning it into a mere backup dive timer in the end, and since serious divers tend to be overprepared, then the D1000 is perhaps too nice to just be a backup dive timer when a simple, three-hand Seiko diver or even the G-7900 can serve just as well as a backup timer. But then again there are also uber-expensive versions of those three-hand Seiko divers around and people still buy them, which leads to my next point.

    Personally I see watch collecting (G-Shock collecting even more so) to be something that is more sentimental than rational, so it is refreshing to sometimes encounter opinions like yours which never bother with fluff. And let's face it, f17 (much like everyone else on WUS, actually) buys G-Shocks not because f17 absolutely needs the functions, but because f17 has a sentimental connection for the watches and can afford them. Which is why I know a D1000 Frogman is not realistically priced for what it is, but I still selfishly want one to replace my old GW-200. Add to that the average Joe who fully sees G-Shocks as a fashion/lifestyle item, and the market is set. Due to this mentality, Casio can keep making the watches lack a few basic features like you mentioned and yet they will continue to sell, thus Casio will not feel the need to improve the watches too much, and so on.

    I'm also interested that you no longer like the 7900 and instead now prefer the GD-350 which I still remember you also disliked initially, since I've also been looking for a proper "successor" to the 7900 and so far the GD-350 (partly because of the equally affordable price) seems to be the most interesting.
    Well said. I must admit CASIO has made some phenomenal looking watches in recent years, but they've become obsessive with finding ways to increase the prices... or just do it outright. This analog-digital combination thing has gotten to such an extreme... feels kind of "fad" like. I have to admit, eye candy galore. If I had plenty of money to throw around, I'd buy a bunch of them for the fun of it. But frankly, I find digital more practical. And because it's solid state, power is conserved.

    I also have a G-7900MS. I really like it for its unusual looks. The 7900 is a retired design and nothing that followed it looks quite the same. And the MS series has unusual qualities. The green/yellow LCD looks sharp. The band has a bright color on the inside. It's nice. I wear it once in a while. But, like you, my GD-350 gets more wrist time. It's a perfect successor, because I don't really use the tide graph feature of the 7900. And I do enjoy the Vibe Alarm, because without a doubt, I'm not going to miss it (as I would with a tone alarm in windy conditions). Plus, I love the bright LED. I've used it as a night light to guide me to the bathroom! I'm not in the military and don't go on stealth missions, so it's a non-issue.

    I think CASIO is heading towards a decline, frankly. Millennials don't wear watches much. Phones have the time. Computers have the time. And frankly, CASIO is pricing their watches too high. It's spiking the used market, though. Older G-Shocks, particularly the MR-G and other discontinued models (like the Riseman) are going up in resale value. The newer sensors have been about the last major technological push. That's why the Rangeman sold so well. And Pro Treks are selling well too. But these new Masters... so terribly expensive, and for what? I'd rather wait until they drop a good $200 or more off retail on the used market.

    I'm torn about my G-7900MS... because I like owning it, but I rarely wear it. I'll have to reconsider later on, once I've reduced my collection a bit further.
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    Re: A tribute to a (almost) perfect G-Shock - the G-7900MS all-black

    Isn't it ironic that the most practically useful G-Shocks after the peak of solar technology in watches turn out to be two regular battery powered ones, aka the 7900 and the GD-350?

    And perhaps even the W-736H, which is even cheaper than those two. Plus the W gets you nerd cred, while the two aforementioned G-Shocks are still too fashionable.

    I did get a ProTrek and a Nu-Frogman along with the GD-350, so I still fell for Casio's marketing I guess, but I'm not going to say I got the Nu-Frog because my life circumstances absolutely demanded such a tool. It was a cool gadget and I was able to find it at a decent price, that's all.

    I say don't get rid of the 7900MS, it's one of the last G-Shocks that actually came close to perfection, so at least keep it around as a reminder of an era in Casio's history.
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