Thread: Lenses 18-55, 35-80 and 75-300

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    Picture Lenses 18-55, 35-80 and 75-300

    I got 2 new (to me) lenses for my canon eos 350d so I was messing around and heres some very quick and nasty results, I will try to get the tripod out and pick better subject material.

    The lenses are all canon parts, the 75-300 is a usm model, the others are standard models

    The camera came with an 18-55mm lens



    next and new is the 35-80mm


    and the last new lens was a 75-300mm


    the unresized jpg files are here :

    and the 35-80 has a macro option (so does the 18-55 I think) so to stay on theme

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    Re: Lenses 18-55, 35-80 and 75-300

    Wow, big congrats with those lenses..
    Impressieve, very impressieve..
    Kind Regards,

    It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.....

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    Re: Lenses 18-55, 35-80 and 75-300

    Great shots and congrats on the new lenses!!!!! Keep the pictures coming!!!!

    Stephen & Sandra

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