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    Shots from the Collection - New Instagram Thread

    A couple months ago I got hooked on watches. I'm sure you are all familiar with the experience.

    It has been a great so far and I have started to build a collection. I've also got my wife interested in the hobby. She was always great with a camera. So, we decided to start snapping pictures of timepieces. And, we're addicted. The way a photo can pick up small details on a watch and bring out fantastic colors is satisfying.

    A few days ago, my wife and I decided to create our own Instagram feed to post our photos. Our goal is to publish a picture a day. And, we wanted to come up with some new ideas. So, with each daily photo we will try to publish an interesting watch fact for the day. Also, on Wednesdays, will be posting a picture of a piece that has a unique story. Throughout our, albeit short, journey in the watch hobby, we have come to really appreciate the stories behind each watch. These are what make a great watch into a treasure.

    Below, I have included some of the pictures we have so far! If you guys like the idea and our pictures, follow us on Instagram as the link below. We call ourselves roundthedial.

    Here is the link:

    Here are some of our pictures so far:

    Name:  Whatuseek Omega (re-sized).jpg
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    Name:  Seiko Premier (re-sized).jpg
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    Name:  Seiko 5 (re-sized).jpg
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Size:  653.0 KB

    Also, if you guys have any feedback, please let us know! Looking forward to your comments.

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    Re: Shots from the Collection - New Instagram Thread


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