SLRs Obsolete?
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Thread: SLRs Obsolete?

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    SLRs Obsolete?

    Are SLR cameras obsolete? The cameras in smart phones are so good these days, that I think for the majority of the population having an SLR is a moot point... comments... opinions!

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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    I think it depends on who you're talking to. People who are more into the intricacies of photography might still prefer a DSLR or something with changeable lenses.

    I have a DSLR that I don't use much anymore because I've lost my connection to photography lately. However, if I were to take it up again, I love that extra surface and heft in my hand of having a physical shutter button to press and a lens to hold and adjust. I love the physical feedback of the shutter button and the satisfying "click" of the shutter actuating. Having interchangeable lenses helps too. I can increase the focal length and other variables without sacrificing photo quality.

    However, if I were just walking around and didn't want to carry a bunch of heavy gear with me, I'd probably be okay with my phone's camera. Or I'll bring my Fuji x100s. Maybe I'm more traditional, but the feel of a camera in my hands plays into the experience of photography.

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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    With phones you have fixed focal length and aperture, they perform worse than DSLRs in low light situations and shoot in jpg which is not so good for editing compared to RAW, but are smaller and lighter than DSLRS. On the other hand DSLRs are bigger, hevier, expensive, require good glass, tripod and remote (for landscapes) and some knowledge on how to use them. In other words if you want creative freedom use DSLR, for everything else your phone is good enough.

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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    A phone camera will almost never replace a DSLR due to the smaller image sensor and limited features.
    The only camera out there that could make a DSLR obsolete would be a mirrorless camera, but even that would come with some drawbacks.
    Drawbacks include limited lens selection(unless it is micro 4/3), smaller grip, and generally more expensive.

    Aside from that they are almost equal to if not better than comparable DSLR cameras.
    Right now Mirrorless cameras are still not in the same level as Canon or Nikon, but 5 or 10 years from now that could change.
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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    Dslr is obsolete but not replaced by phones. Micro 4/3 has reached a level that the size advantage has past the quality gap. Phones are just good post processing suites that make good pics easier

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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    A microscopic sensor with low bit depth and limited color space is no match for a professional camera, don't believe the hype.
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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    Just as 35mm SLR's made better photos than the much more convenient point-and-shoot cameras, modern digital SLR's will make a better photo than whatever is in your camera. BUT, for many people, what is in your camera MAY be sufficient for your needs.

    I used to collect 35mm cameras, and have roughly 100, mostly old rangefinders, but quite a few SLR's too. Nowadays it's just so easy to use the phone, since I have it with me anyway.

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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    SLRs are still by far the best option for professional photography. I did wedding photography for a few years and my full frame Nikon setup did a great job providing the quality, range and flexibility that I needed.
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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    I can't approach the picture quality of my dSLR with my phone.
    I've really really tried to take satisfying pics with the phone... it's so handy!

    I guess I just lack the proper skill to use the phone.

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    Re: SLRs Obsolete?

    I use a "bridge camera" for both vacations and watch photography. Basically a glorified P&S with good photo, macro, and zoom (40X optical) capabilities. Canon SX40 HS. It also has a rather rare feature I demand for watch photography, but I also not find super handy on vacation - a flip out screen. I can shoot over crowds with ease. Hold the cam directly overhead and filp the screen so it is pointing directly down. I can see my shot perfectly and no one is in the way simply by looking up at the screen.

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