Bulova 23 Jewels Self-winding questions

Thread: Bulova 23 Jewels Self-winding questions

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    Bulova 23 Jewels Self-winding questions

    This is my grandfather's watch, which I've had for the past 16 years or so. I'd like to wear it again but want to make sure I take care of it properly. Several years ago I took it to a local jeweler b/c it gained time (2-4 minutes daily). He sent it off...told me it was serviced but the time gain couldn't be fixed. I've a little basic googling and am enjoying the education process (as well as learning about the world of vintage watches). Since I'm a newbie, apologies in advance if my post is too basic or in the wrong forum (I did search for similar posts - promise!)

    Info on the watch in question:

    Bulova 23 Jewels Self-winding
    10K RGP Bezel
    Stainless Steel Back
    M2 (1962, right?)

    Bezel seems to be in good sharp. Some nicks from normal wear, it appears. Crystal as a good crack at the 9 but it's intact.

    I'd like to find a place to send it off for cleaning and service (and maybe replace the crystal?) as well. Suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated. I can live with the time gain but would like to see if it can be addressed.

    Is there anything else I should be aware of or other considerations?

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    Re: Bulova 23 Jewels Self-winding questions

    Any decent watchmaker should be able to clean and service it; if its gaining that much, there could be something wrong with the hairspring, which is easily fixable but will put the price up.

    There were a couple of lines of 23jewel watches that could have had '62 movements; one was simply called the Bulova 23 line. Another was the "Regatta 23" line. There was also the "Beau Brummel", but most of the ones I've seen had diamonds on the dial. I'd guess this one is the standard Bulova 23 though. Mid-range line.
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    Re: Bulova 23 Jewels Self-winding questions

    +1 what AbslomRob said

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    Re: Bulova 23 Jewels Self-winding questions

    Try: Master watchmaker

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