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    Helbros military style 820B

    I picked up this cool watch over the weekend. It needed a winding stem and crown, and new crystal. I cleaned the movement also. I thought I would show some pics.

    Here is the before:
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    Dial looks good :)
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    Here are pics of both sides of the movement:
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    .. and the finished product. Not bad for $5! A little pitting on the case but otherwise looks great.
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    I tried to look up some info on this movement. I found some on Roland's site. I also found a strange set of posts on a German Military forum where the moderator seemed to be arguing with the owner that the watch was fake and the movement was from 1950, even though the owner showed catalog pages of the watch movement from a 1948 manual. Well, I really don't care to argue :) .. I just like it! If anyone does have an information on the age of something like this, I woul love to hear what you know.

    Some other markings...
    The back of the case "Shock Absorber - Non Magnetic - Waterproof", and a serial number "3190" above a "2".

    Inside back "General Watch Company, Switzerland", and "Helbros Watch Co. Switzerland" with a case number "4275993". There are also 6 different service scribbles on the inside back which may explain why the movement was relatively clean even though the crystal and case were kind of beat up.

    You will also notice a "1697" on the dial side of the movement, and "820B" on the other side.


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    Re: Helbros military style 820B

    Great work, what a transformation

    can't add any info tho.

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    Re: Helbros military style 820B

    I'm pretty sure the movement is a Helvetia 820B bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Helvetia 820B

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    Re: Helbros military style 820B

    Yeah, I had mentioned that I saw that on Roland's site. I don't know much about Helvetia.

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    Re: Helbros military style 820B

    Quote Originally Posted by nsmike View Post
    I'm pretty sure the movement is a Helvetia 820B bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Helvetia 820B

    Me , too. Helbros sold watches from different Swiss and German companies, branded as Helbros. This one from the General Watch Company, who owned the Helvetia brand at that time. Later, GWC, divided from Helvetia, became a part of the ASUAG, one of the large trusts of the Swiss watch industry(today´s Swatch Group, together with the other large one, the SSIH) and was used in the 1960s, 1970s just as a holding for watch companies like Rado, Mido, Longines, Technos, Certina. Helvetia still went on producing watches for a while.
    This watch is IMHO one of those being sold to the US-Army or to GIs in PX-shops during WWII, more info here.
    Here´s some more info about Helbros:

    It´s a nice watch and looks fine again after your work.
    Best regards, Mike
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    Re: Helbros military style 820B

    very nice find , I like it
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