help identify my geneva watch

Thread: help identify my geneva watch

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    help identify my geneva watch


    Please tell me anything about this watch
    here are hi-res photos:
    ImageShack Album - 4 images

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    Re: help identify my geneva watch

    Image Shack wants me to register to see the pics... WUS once debated requiring registration, limiting what 'guest' accounts can do. We decided not to do it as it would substantially lower traffic counts. ... we were right.
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    Re: help identify my geneva watch

    Its probably "Geneva Sport" cal.40 from 1950's.Rgds!
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    Re: help identify my geneva watch

    Yup, looks like a silver watch. Sorry, I don't see the need to register to look at a photo.
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    Re: help identify my geneva watch

    Hi there, from looking at the pics, I would have said it has the style of a 50s watch...

    I dont know much about the brand Geneva Sport Watch co.... I found this one that sold recently:

    Geneva Sport Watch Co. Prima'60 Swiss Hi Grade Wrist Watch Perfect Just Serviced | eBay

    As for the movement, I did not recognise it! However, the last pics just shows the end of the cal number under the balance wheel... 0.41 - but I think the full signing with be: GSW 40.41.... on Rolands site its labelled as: Geneva Sport 141

    More info on this link:

    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Geneva Sport 141

    Hope that helps!

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