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    Re: Noch Eins - Another One - Question That Is...

    OK, I'll give it a stab - at the risk of everything I say here turning out to be conjecture or wrong.

    It is unlikely that "Consort" were a company. Watch companies often had several brands under which they sold their watches. E.g. MST (later "Roamer") had a lower market brand called "Medana", Fortis had "Eloga", etc. The only "Consort" I can find in Mikrolisk (Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index) is given as a brand of Recta. This company made decent movements and sold them to other watchmaking companies but also made their own watches with these movements. Later on, they stopped this practice and used generic movements. According to Ranfft, their last activity way in 1984 and it is possible that they were wrapped up around then. So, if your "Consort" is really linked to Recta, that gives you a time frame when it was probably made.

    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Recta SA, Fabrique d'Horlogerie, Bienne, Genve

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    Re: Noch Eins - Another One - Question That Is...


    Thank you for that information. At least I know I am not nutz or blind. Makes sense that Consort was simply a brand name. These are good leads. And it gives me some hope that I will find out more. The link to the Watch Movements was helpful as it does explain why there would be a Miyota Co movement in a Consort watch. Yup, I am more hopeful.
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