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    Sada W. Co.

    I am trying to find info. on the above name, which I believe may be, Sada Watch Co. This is the only name on a Vintage Ladies octagonal wrist watch. It is in a Fahys (Montauk) case so I am sure it is after 1898 as it is warranted for 20 yrs. rather than 15 yrs. The name Sada W. Co. is stamped onto the works as is the word Swiss, 2 adjts,17 jewel.I saw a blurb somewhere about a Sada in Brienne,Switzerland with no other info. Any help on ID of maker and when mfg'd woul be greatl appreciated. I am leaning toward circa 1915-1920. Thanks,Chuck.

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    Re: Sada W. Co.

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    Re: Sada W. Co.

    There is some info on Sada here but you have to pay to see it.
    Sada was in business in Bienne in 1925 according to one of my texts. Also the US Government prohibited "Guaranteed X Years" after 1924. So 1920 is probably a good guess in the absence of any photos.
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    Re: Sada W. Co.

    I have a few watches from the Sada Watch Co but I don't have any info about the company itself.

    The watches I have include a couple of ladies "lapel"/"convertible" watches and a man's art deco style

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