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Vintage Watch ID - Lamar De Luxe

Thread: Vintage Watch ID - Lamar De Luxe

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  1. ianmcdz said:

    Vintage Watch ID - Lamar De Luxe


    Wondering if anybody has any info on this Lamar De Luxe watch. I've attached a couple of pics to aid in identification. It says swiss made, is there anywhere online I can get more info on this movement?
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  2. Neil(UK)'s Avatar

    Neil(UK) said:

    Re: Vintage Watch ID - Lamar De Luxe

    It's a very cheap one jewel movement so probably not a lot to find out.

    Those movements were used in millions of very cheap swiss watches.

    Sorry, not a lot of horological interest, hope it's not too disappointing.

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  3. Hartmut Richter said:

    Re: Vintage Watch ID - Lamar De Luxe

    The movement is a Baumgartner 866 pin pallet escapement movement:

    As Neil said, these were made in plenty and are considered low grade so that they can certainly not be considered very collectible, even in A1 state. Nevertheless, if they run, they are surprisingly reliable - not the sort of thing you get to chronometre specifications but quite rugged. Also, due to their contruction, they can be disassembled and serviced if you know how to or are willing to spend the cash. Compare that to the old Timex movements which were practically soldered together so that disassembly is not possible.

    Hartmut Richter
  4. ianmcdz said:

    Re: Vintage Watch ID - Lamar De Luxe

    Thanks guys, figured it was cheap. Might try and get it running again myself.


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