Final Dive Bonaire -- Part 2

Thread: Final Dive Bonaire -- Part 2

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    Final Dive Bonaire -- Part 2

    We were about to come out of the water and got a special treat. About 30 squid (about 1 foot in length) all together. If you got close, they turned color.

    A nice Parrotfish

    Another Spotted Drum

    A couple Palometa

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    Re: Final Dive Bonaire -- Part 2

    Love the shots of the squid. It's also cool how the Palometa blend in so well with the open ocean. They almost look transparent.
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    Re: Final Dive Bonaire -- Part 2

    "Final Dive"......almost seems sad. But not in my eyes. So, hurry up and get your butt home. I'm tired of being on call all of the time and having to look at your fun in the sun dive pics. It's my turn next month . Have a safe trip back home. See ya when you get here. Cool squid by the way.......coolest pics of the trip IMO.

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