Any summer strap ideas

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    Any summer strap ideas

    Picked up an 01 43mm recently with a beautiful black croc strap. I really don't want to be wearing the strap on hot sweaty days. Does anyone have any input and hopefully pics of what strap they switch to. Nato, perlon, Zulu,
    hirsch performance, are what I've considered. I was hoping to maybe get away from black for a while, but this watch seems to pretty hard to match with any other colour.
    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Any summer strap ideas

    I find the OEM military straps to be a perfect waterproof/sweatproof option.

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    Re: Any summer strap ideas

    Borealis, Deep Blue and Obris Morgan sell affordable waterproof rubber straps:

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    Re: Any summer strap ideas

    I just put a Pro II rubber strap on my Seawolf for the summer and it is way more comfortable than the bracelet. If Breitling had a quick adjust clasp like the Rolex glidelock I would never take it off the bracelet. The rubber just works better when the heat hits and your wrist changes size.jmho.

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    Re: Any summer strap ideas

    I swapped the bracelet on my diver for a 2-piece NATO. Much lighter and cooler without adding the extra mm of height.

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