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Thread: Bored with details?...

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    Question Bored with details?...

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    Re: Bored with details?...

    Can never have enough detail, and Breitling's one of the best at it!
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    Re: Bored with details?...

    I doubt one can get bored looking at that gorgeous dial...

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    Re: Bored with details?...

    Quote Originally Posted by turbineboy View Post
    I doubt one can get bored looking at that gorgeous dial...

    Sorry i can, must be the ugliest watch going, its so fussy all whats going on gives me a headache just looking at it, and as one gets older even more difficult to read the time, never been a lover of this watch and wonder what Breitling was thinking off when they made this, its just so dam fussy to much going on, you don't need all that squit.

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    Re: Bored with details?...

    Easy there tiger. You either love or hate Navis, and it's clear you don't appreciate them, but there are folks that do. I do find the Navis with the Arabic numbers make the dial a bit too busy and crowded, and prefer the stick hands, so bought one with those instead. Say what you will about how much you hate the Navi's busy design, but Breitling chronographs are generally known for that. They are highly technical, tool like, bold and flashy. Unclutteredness is not what Breitlings are known for.

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