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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    I've been watching Dan Patrick's show on Direct TV's 101, he wears a Navitimer with black dial.

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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    I was watching the late great Patrick Swayze last night in "Point Break" when I spied this.....

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    is that the Pluton? or a Navitimer Quartz?
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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    navitimer quartz. it's not the compass bezel of the Pluton. and i can kinda make out two distinct words on the dial.

    i got it.
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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    Eddie Griffin's Breitling Chronomat that squirts ketchup in case he'd be served with a sandwich with only mayonaisse and or mustard. I posted the ff:

    I just saw Undercover Brother today and had a hilarious time during the entire movie!

    Eddie Griffin plays as a black version of 007 agent with Dave Chappelle.

    Just like James Bond, the "gadget scientist" invented a watch for Eddie Griffin that squirts ketchup in case he was served a stereotypical "white man's" sandwich (which might just contain mustard or mayonnaise only).

    The movie prompted me to research further and come to the conclusion that it was a moddified Breitling Chronomat (with numbers instead of roman numerals).

    Here's the excerpt:

    You can forward it to 0:40 but the whole clip was funny

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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    Just joined the B forum. This is a great thread!

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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    Fresh after swearing live on "Soccer AM", New Order and Joy Division Bassist, Peter Hook sporting a nice Navi:-

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    Was watching the Hairy Bikers' latest series - which is great - and noticed that Si King (the Geordie one) was wearing what looks like a silver dial Colt Quartz while he was fighting with some undercooked fish...


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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    So, here we are 18 months after my last update at 19 November 2009.:oops: I thought the least I could do was to bring us up to date as we near the 250,000 views mark!!!!

    Again, many many thanks for the continued interest and support, we're are now WAY over the 100 mark and now sitting at a very impressive 138 Celebs.

    As you will see I have not at this time been able to update all the pics, but I have thought that part of the fun of this thread is that the contributors can find and post pics as the Celebs up date their "wristwear" a la Gordon Ramsey.



    1) John Travolta, Pilot, Actor & BREITLING Ambassador, NAVITIMER AND OTHERS
    2) Ariel Sharon , Isreali PM, AEROSPACE
    3) Ehud Olmert, Deputy Isreali PM, AEROSPACE & B-1l
    4) Martin Shaw, Actor/Pilot NAVITIMER & OTHERS
    5) Tiff Needel , Racing driver & UKTV presenter, NAVITIMER
    6) Desmond Lynham, UKTV sports presenter, CROSSWIND
    7) Brad Pitt, Actor, YELLOW EMERGENCY with UTC
    8) Sir Richard Branson, You know the guy, YELLOW EMERGENCY
    9) Steve Fossett, 1st non stop Circumnavigator, YELLOW EMERGENCY
    10) Ben Fogle, UKTV presenter, YELLOW EMERGENCY
    11) James Cracknell, Olympic Rower, BLUE EMERGENCY
    12) Felix Baumgartner, 1st to Skydive across the English Channel, YELLOW EMERGENCY
    13) Mel Gibson, Actor, AVIASTAR
    14) Antony Worral-Thomson, Celeb. Chef, CROSSWIND
    15) James Martin,Celeb. Chef, NAVITIMER & OTHERS
    16) Sean Connery, actor (Thunderball Geiger/watch) ,TOP TIME (CUSTOM) (PICTURE-WATCH ONLY)
    17) Paul Stassino, Actor(Dominos brother, Angelo Palazzi, in Tunderball/Vulcan Pilot), NAVITIMER
    18) Raquel Welch, Actess,model (Goddess), NAVITIMER & CO PILOT (In the film "Fathom")
    19) Scott Carpenter, Astonaught(AURORA 7) , AEROSPACE COSMONAUTE
    20) Felipe de Borbon y Grecia, Prince of Asturias, B-1(Black)
    21) Richard Hammond, UKTV presenter, CHRONOMAT
    22) Simon Cowell, Pop (UK)/American Idol judge & music producer. NAVITIMER
    23) Robert Moore, ITN(News) N.America correspondant, AEROSPACE
    24) Jerry Seinfeld, Actor/comedian, NAVITIMER,CHRONOMAT & OTHERS
    25) Ami James , Actor/Co owner (Miami Inc), SUPER AVENGER (DIAMOND BEZEL)
    26) Nick Lachey , Singer , CHRONOMAT & OTHERS
    27) Mariska Hargitay , Actress (Law & Order , NAVITIMER & CHRONOMAT
    28) Sir Alan Sugar, Chairman of AMSTRAD + (UK Apprentice Show), NAVITIMER
    29) Tommy Lee Jones, Actor, NAVITIMER
    30) Gordon Ramsay, Celeb Chef/Ex-Glasgow Ranger, CHRONOMAT & NAVITIMER
    31) Bertrand Piccard, Breitling Orbiter 3 Crewmember, BLACK EMERGENCY
    32) Brian Jones, Breitling Orbiter 3 Crewmember, BLACK EMERGENCY
    33) Hans Bouscholte, Dutch TV commentator,EMERGENCY
    34) Leonardo DiCaprio, actor, CHRONO AVENGER ON BROWN CROC
    35) Walter Payton, American Football Player, CHRONOMAT with UTC
    36) Steven Segal, Actor, 18K EMERGENCY.
    37) Paul Easter, Rally Co-Driver(50's-70's), TOP TIME
    38) Jeremy Clarkson, Motoring Journalist/prestenter,CHRONOMAT
    39) John Lovitz, Actor, NAVITIMER & BENTLEY
    40) Pete Rose, Baseball player,18K CHRONOMAT
    41) Bear Grylls, Presenter- Man Vs Wild, YELLOW EMERGENCY on Diver Pro
    42) Celine Dion, Singer, CHRONOMAT.(2 Tone/Pearl Dial/Diamond index)
    43) Ian Banks, Fiction/Science Fiction Novelist / AEROSPACE (Rep. Mins)
    44) Jose Mourinho, Chelsea Manager. B-1(Blue)
    45) Ming Tsai, Celeb Chef, B-1+UTC/ CA/ FLYING B
    46) Steven Raichlen, Celeb Chef, CHRONO SUPEROCEAN
    47) Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers Coach, CHRONOMAT EVO.
    48) Eddie Izzard, Comedian/"Transvestite Executeev"/Pilot, AEROSPACE (AVANTAGE white dial)
    49) Liliana Lovel, Founder of Coyote ugly, CHRONOMAT EVO MOP white dial
    50) Nicholas Sarkozy, French President, NAVITIMER
    51) Harrison Ford, Actor, AEROSPACE
    52) Michael Caine, Actor, AEROSPACE ( on Rouleaux Bracelet )
    53) Chris Angel, Illusionist, SUPER AVENGER(Diamondworks)
    54) Thomas Wahlroos, Professional Poker player(Finland) , BENTLEY
    55) Peter Jones, Businessman/TV presenter, NAVITIMER
    56) Steve Saleen, Founder and CEO of Saleen Inc., NAVITIMER MONTBRILLANT DATORA
    57) Cal Ripken, Baseball player, COLT AUTO on Pro 11
    58) Buzz Aldrin, Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11, the first lunar landing., YELLOW EMERGENCY
    59) James Toseland, World Superbike Champion, BREITLING BENTLEY
    60) Jurgis Kairys, Lithuanian aerobatic specialist. Helped develop the Sukhoi Su-26, -29, and -31 aerobatic aircraft. AEROSPACE
    61) Jack Osbourne, Singer and reality show star, EMERGENCY on Diver Pro
    62) Mylene Klass, Classical pianist, class reality programme star, classy goddess, and classily wears a COLT AUTO ON PRO II BRACELET
    63) Mark Blundell, Le Mans Bentley driver and ex Indy driver, (ignore name on race suit), B-1 & BENTLEY
    64) Bob Weir, Musician ( Grateful Dead/Ratdog fame), Aerospace
    65) Brian Williams, MSNBC,NBC Anchor man Emergency
    66) Juan Carlos, King of Spain, Emergency
    67) Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia , Nephew of the King of Italy, Emergency
    68) Roger Moore, Actor/James Bond Chrono EVO
    69) Lou Reed, "Take a Walk on the Wild Side", Aerospace
    70) Tom Cruise, Actor, Emergency Mission
    71) Axle Rose, Frontman, Guns'n'Roses, Aerospace
    72) Dave Chappelle, Standup comedian, Navitimer
    73) Christian Eiroa, Co-owner Camacho Cigars, Emergency
    74) Jay Leno, US Talkshow Host, Navitimer Twin Sixty
    75) Rob Lowe, Actor, Emergency
    76) Scott Speed, Ex US F1 Driver, Chrono Evo MOP subs.
    77) William G Davidson, Owner- Harley Davidson, Navitimer
    78) Douglas Henshall, Actor (Prof. Cutter -"Primeval"), Navitimer
    79) Ryan Dunn, Presenter of Jackass, Super Avenger
    80) D L Hughley, Stand Up Comedian/Actor, Super Avemger
    81) Jimmy Buffet, Singer, Emergency
    82) Christopher Brian Bridges AKA Ludacris, Actor Rapper , Super Avenger
    83) Russell Crowe, Actor, Emergency
    84) Chris Tarrant, UK TV Presenter, Navitimer
    85) Rusty Wallace, ESPN/ABC NASCAR analyst, several Breitlings.
    86) Samuel L Jackson, Actor, Blackbird.
    87) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor/politician, Bentley.
    89) Jack Hanna, TV Presenter, Emergency
    90) Mark Croft, Husband of Kerry Katona (Celeb??) I’ll let you decide, Super Avenger.
    91) Christopher Brian Bridges AKA Ludacris,, Super Avenger.
    92) Patrik Antonius, Finish Poker player, Super Avenger.
    93) Robert De Niro, Actor, Bently.
    94) William Jonathan Drayton Jr AKA Flavor Flav, Rapper/ Bentley 6.75
    95) Peter Cech, Chelsea FC Goalkeeper, Chrono Superocean.
    96) Shemer Moore, Actor (Crilkinal Minds), Super Avenger.
    97) Andrew Castle, ex UK Davis Cup player/Tennis commentator/ Chrono Superocean.
    98) Mark Della Grotte, Kickboxer Champion, Super Avenger.
    99) Xibit, Rapper/Actor, Bentley
    100) Craig Ferguson, Comedian/presenter, Skyracer
    101) Boomer Esiason, NFL Commentator/Ex Quarterback,
    102) Chuck “The Ice Man” Liddell, Ex UFC Champion, Bentley Le Mans
    103) Frank Mir, Former UFC Champion, Super Avenger.
    104) Robson Green, Actor.presenter/singer, Chronomat.
    105) Adrian Thurley, Ex Team Leader Red Arrows, Chronomat/Old Navitimer Red Arrows limited edition (now owned by me )
    106) Warren Sapp, Ex NFL player, Chronomat
    107) Paul Teutul Jnr., Amaerican Chopper, Bentley Motors.
    108) Jean-Paul Belmondo, French Actor, Navitimer.
    109) Jim Zorn, Redskins Footballer, Chrono Avenger M-1.
    110) Alan Hansen, Ex Footballer now pundit,
    111) Yves Montand, French singer/actor, Navitimer 806
    112) Forrest Whitaker, Actor/ Emergency
    113) John Cleese, Monty Python Hero, Navitimer
    114) Jean-Francois Lamour, Olympic Sabre Chamion/polictician, Aerospace.
    115) Kurt Russell, Actor, Breitling Sirius (1994 film “Stargate”)
    116) Terrence Howard ( from the 2Iron Man” series, Navitimer
    117) Dwyane Wade, NBA player, Bentley Motors.
    118) Jerry Doyle, Actor, B-1
    119) Nick Mason, Pink Floyd Drummer/pilot, Aerospace.
    120) Saul Hudson, AKA Slash, Guitarist from Guns’n’Roses, Now with Velvet Revolver, Chronomat + UTC.
    121) Chris Tucker, Actor, Chronomat Evolution +UTC ( film “Rush Hour”)
    122) Mike Gascoigne, Grand Prix Driver (Force India), Bentley.
    123) Hector Echevarria, Actor/MMA fighter, Bentley.
    124) Andrew Bynum, LA Lakers, Super Avenger.
    125) Mark Beaumont, Round the World cycling Record holder, Emergency.
    126) Billy Mays, Actor, Navitimer.
    127) Nigel Lamb, Red Bull air raceer, Navitimer.
    128) Ian Bleasdale, UK actor (Casualty), Navitimer.
    129) Iwan Thomas, former European & Commonwealth 400m record holder, Navitimer World.
    130) Jonny Lee Miller, South pole racer “On Thin Ice”, Emergency.
    131) Morgan Freeman, Actor, Airwolf, (film “the Code”)
    132) Antonio Banderas, Actor ,Airwolf, (film “the Code”)
    133) Dan Patrick, Presenter Direct TV’s 101, Navitimer
    134) Patrick Swayze (RIP my friend), Actor, Navitimer Quartz (film “Point Break”)
    135) Peter Hook, Bas Guitarist from New Order and Joy Division, Navitimer
    136) Si King, Hair Bikers Celeb Chef, Colt Quartz.
    137) Cindy McCain, wife of Senator John McCain, Aerospace Avantage
    138) Fernando Torres, Footballer, Super Avenger.
    139) Sir Ian McGeechan Scottish Rugby Union legend, Navitimer.
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    Re: Breitling Celebs

    Here is a photo that I saw on the internet some time ago of Arnold wearng a SOH 46:

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