Breitling Warranty Check-Up - What to expect?

Thread: Breitling Warranty Check-Up - What to expect?

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    Breitling Warranty Check-Up - What to expect?


    I have a Transocean with a electronic warranty card date of August 2015, so according to the manual, its due for a free check-up in order to keep the 5 year movement warranty. Do you guys know what to expect in terms of timing and turnaround? Should I bring the maintenance book as well and they will stamp it, or jsut the watch and the electronic card?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Breitling Warranty Check-Up - What to expect?

    My advice is to send the watch to BUSA yourself, just include a copy of the receipt and be sure to make sure its safely packaged for shipping.
    Breitling require the WR test (to keep 5 year warranty) but they also recommend a general maintenance service every two years - look it up on their website for full details. Even if you opt just for the WR test you'll probably not have your watch back for a month or so is my guess.

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