Completed Collection - Frustrating?

Thread: Completed Collection - Frustrating?

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    Completed Collection - Frustrating?

    Dear Breitling-Friends,

    apparently the anticipation while hunting certain rare and limited models for months or weeks at the usual dealers and websites is the most fun in collecting.

    Last October it happened to me that I have completed my collection of Breitling models - to have one watch for every occasion: A seawolf on rubber, an aerospace on a NATO, two navitimers (black on leather and white on bracelet), an automatic chrono on leather and a vintage chrono on a NATO.

    Now last year went pretty well financial-wise and I feel the need of getting another watch. I think you know what I mean. I've been browsing websites for weeks and cannot get myself to find a model that I want.

    Do I really want another automatic?
    Do I really want another quartz?
    Do I really need another dress watch?
    Do I really need another sports watch?
    Do I really need another Breitling?
    Do I really need another watch at all?

    Maybe I need to reduce to just 2 or 3 watches at all?
    Should I get a corvette instead? :-D

    I think I have come to a point where I cannot justify getting another watch, which for some reason makes me sad.

    Did that happen to you at some point?
    How did you get over it?

    Looking forward to your answers / suggestions.

    "No, you already have enough watches!"

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    Re: Completed Collection - Frustrating?

    If you're sad that you can't find a reason to purchase yet another luxury watch then I'm not sure anyone here can do anything for you!

    Except maybe try enjoying the big stack of watches you do have? Controversial I know...:)

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    Re: Completed Collection - Frustrating?

    If you feel content with the watches you have, why force yourself to buy another? Enjoy the momentary calm before another storm. Another watch will spark your interest at some point.

    The one watch that has sparked my interest is the Transocean. So sexy.

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    Re: Completed Collection - Frustrating?

    I have two Breitlings, a B50 and a SOH Chrono 44. I also have an Apple watch. I wear the B50 just about every day, the SOH is on mesh and is my dress watch. I have a few different bands for each one and that seems to give me just about every option I need. Maybe some new straps and deployants would be the ticket. I would not own more than two or three watches for what they cost but that is just me. I have better things to spend my money on.

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