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I've been absent from the forum a (very) long time but kept my Breitling loyalty (and my old Chronomat GT B13050) throughout. I was looking at the 'What are u wearing today?' thread resurrected and thought I'd post this here instead.
I recently came across this Chronomat Evolution and popped it under the black light at work - I don't know if any of you have read articles on 'Fluorescence In Diamonds' but thought the pictures may be interesting. It's a factory bezel but the difference in fluorescence is quite noticeable in some of the stones. Watch is a 2008 model. Apologies for the poor photo under black light - my phone camera didn't like it much and the bridge camera at work yielded a result unworthy of posting. The black light always makes the lume "jump" & the lume on this is 10 times better than my old Avenger Seawolf E17370 (which has recently departed my ownership) - hence the replacement.

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As you can see, there are 3 very bright diamonds within the bezel - those at 6 minute, 34 minutes and 38 minutes. In addition, five other stones have quite a bright appearance, followed by two more to a lesser extent.

From a brief read of articles on the web, diamond price it seems is affected and the topic is hotly debated. Make of it what you will

Without the black light, you have this...

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PS Both the Seawolf and the Chronomat GT have been overhauled since those original image posts - The GT still running incredibly well at less than +1 second per day