Hi all,

I thought I would share my recent purchase with you.

My normal rule of function is to buy a watch, wear it for a few months and get bored. I then flip it or just sell it and see what comes along.

Now the only watch I've ever truly missed and regretted selling was my Headwind. Truly stunning watch with a blue dial and brushed bracelet.

So yesterday I saw another Headwind pop up at a silly price (but it has a few bits that need doing) and I made a even sillier offer, not thinking it would be accepted.

But it was!

So £800 later it's on it's way to me and the only physical thing I can see that needs doing is the rider needs addressing, hopefully just tightening!

It was fully serviced by Breitling UK in 2015, so fingers crossed I get a few years out of it before a return visit, so it's just a case of getting a new bracelet, and hopefully a nice polishing session with a cape cod cloth.

I'm aware the bracelet is some aftermarket cheapo rubbish but I've ordered a Hirsch Heavy Calf in blue that matches a OEM strap and is waterproof for the time being while I save for a bracelet! And I think the navy looks well with the cream and gold.

So here it is! More pictures to follow when it arrives!

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