Navitimer AOPA Limited to 500pcs or 750pcs or both?

Thread: Navitimer AOPA Limited to 500pcs or 750pcs or both?

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    Navitimer AOPA Limited to 500pcs or 750pcs or both?

    Hi, need a little help or advice please.

    I've been looking at the recent AOPA Navitimer A23322, on the UK Breitling website the watch write up indicates there was a limited production run of 500. I have subsequently been told there was also a run of 750 (US only maybe?), I've been in touch with a Breitling boutique here in UK and they couldn't really help, which was a surprise!, can anyone confirm this or advise the differences of the two limited editions?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Navitimer AOPA Limited to 500pcs or 750pcs or both?

    Can't confirm one way or other. 500 comes up in the US on their web site.
    Originally these were offered to AOPA members with the option to engrave their member number and name on watch. They then just started offering them to general public, so maybe that has altered limited edition number.
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    Navitimer AOPA Limited to 500pcs or 750pcs or both?

    I was curious about this too. From what I can see, the two different runs have different casebacks.

    The 750 were released to commemorate the 75th anniversary of AOPA in 2014 and have AOPA 75 years on the caseback and could be ordered with the AOPA member's name and member number engraved on the back.

    The 500 were release in 2015 and just have AOPA on the case back, with no room for additional engraving.

    Both watches are based on the reference A23322 and from what I can see every other feature of the watches is identical.
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