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    Re: New model: Colt Skyracer

    Before writing it off as too big, I'd try it on first. I saw the 50mm Hurricane last month and figured I'd never consider wearing it but the Breitlight case feels very good on the wrist. Even at 50mm, it almost felt like I wasn't even wearing a watch.

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    Re: New model: Colt Skyracer

    I have zero interest in this type of watch, but it's certain to appeal greatly to some.

    • Polymer case = no corrosion, temperature resistance and 1/3 the weight of titanium
    • Quick swapping straps, no tools required
    • Awesome accuracy, not just COSC, but 10 seconds per YEAR accuracy with 8 year battery life
    • SuperLuminova that doesn't just show indices but the actual numbers

    Again, not my cut of tea, but probably a great watch for anyone desiring those features.
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    Re: New model: Colt Skyracer

    I think this watch is very cool. Plus I will use it to set my auto watches to the correct time. Which my blue colt currently does.
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    Re: New model: Colt Skyracer

    To the users who held the watch, how does the winders feel? Do they feel cheap and plastic? Will the plastic be cut if it hits a sharp edge?

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    Re: New model: Colt Skyracer

    Tried this watch on recently as the AD was right outside my elevator in Vegas. I really enjoyed it quite a bit. Price is decent enough for what it is, but I am curious to see what grey/pre-owned look like in the near future. For me the dial lacked a little bit of depth due to it being entirely flat; applied indices would look great, but they would probably add some sort of weight and one of the things about this watch is it's extreme light-weight.

    It is 45mm, but I wear mostly 41-43mm watches and it didn't look much bigger than my Rolex Exp2 when I held them side by side. To be honest, I thought it was a 43 in the store before looking it up online. I'm sure the weight helps with this illusion as well.

    I'm not bothered by the dive-style bezel, WR, or straps enough to take it off my list, but I would have preferred a standard strap attachment type. Ultimately, I will wait to see what sorts of other strap variations breitling releases for this watch. I've heard about a military green color which sounds great. A nylon or canvas would be ideal as the 21mm lug width is not ideal for most natos (the gap on a 20 would bug me).
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