Casio G-Shock for a kid
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Thread: Casio G-Shock for a kid

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    Casio G-Shock for a kid


    I'm new here and I have looked around prior to registering and can't really find what I'm looking for using search facility for 'kids' or 'boys'.

    I have just come back from Spain where I bought a cheapo Casio for my son. Well talk about you get what you pay for! My son is 9 years old and pretty careful with things. I let him loose on some pretty expensive camera equipment and his fine, his present cheap watch has one small scratch on a prespex face. This Casio has been worn for 3 days and has about 6 scratches on the face. I put it down to the face not being recessed or protected by a bezel. I'm prepared to put that down to experience, and I would now never buy a watch like that unless the it was sapphire glass or similar.

    I told him that when he could tell the time properly I would buy him a digital watch. Baby G is a no no as he had to educate me that it's basically a woman's watch (although his cheapo Casio is too).

    I've been looking at the G-Shock range. Is it a non-starter? The smallest I think I can find is GW-M5600-1ER Wave Ceptor Radio Controlled G-SHOCK Mens Digital Resin Watch. I'm happy to spend that kind of money on him as he is not one of these kids that wants one thing today and then something else later.

    I'm not too sure if he'll go for retro look

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    I need to get a choice for him to choose as you can guarantee if I choose a black watch, he'll want a white one, and vice versa.

    Any suggestions, and sorry to impose such a big ask on my first post.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    hello and welcome! i have a 10 year old son and he loves the 6900 series of watches by g-shock. currently he has 2 in circulation. one is a dw6900sb2 metallic blue with a mirror face and the other is a dw6900cs black with a green face also known around here as the zombie slayer. dont get too worried about these watches getting banged up cause they can take a beating and you would be happy to know that the glass on most if not all g shocks are made of scratch resistant mineral glass. hope i was able to help and im sure what ever you decide to get for him he will enjoy.


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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    Most Gs are variations on a theme, meaning they all are renowned for their durability, shock resistance and waterproof properties, but they differ as to size, color, feature set, etc. To my knowledge there are no sapphire crystals available nor have there ever been. They are, however, mineral glass and not plastic crystals.

    You will notice that the crystals are recessed and protected by a raised bezel, however, over time, scratches will most definitely occur. If this is a terrible annoyance, perhaps a watch with a light colored face would not accentuate any minor scratches. My beater Seiko, which is not kid proof, has lasted me the better part of 28 years with a white face and a mineral glass crystal. After the first tiny dial blemish, they really become totally irrelevant. The beauty of sapphire is, of course, that they are nearly scratch proof, but this comes at a price. Since sapphire is so hard, crystal breakage can be a real problem. The mineral glass is hard and tough, yet flexes enough so that breakage is much, much less of a concern.
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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    The 6900 is a great watch with a good raised bezel, however it's rather large and may be too big on the wrist for your son. I have 7 and 5 year old boys and they love to wear my Gs. Like the one you pictured above the 5600 is a good choice, however I 'm not sure that Solar/Atomic is a necessity for such a young lad. You could get the 5600E for well under $50. In fact, I found one at a Target that had it on clearence for $12. Another good choice, and my boys favorite, is the G9000 Mudman. It's a seriosuly tough watch and has and the glass is recessed in the bezel to help prevent scratches more so than the 5600. The buttons are a little difficult to press, but I like that because it prevents my son from being too distracted while at school. Here's a pic of my boys wearing their Muddies:

    And my 5yr old with the 5600E:
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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    Tried the BLX-100-9D

    on my 7yr old son last weekend and he loved it. It fit his wrist very well on the 2nd to last hole and the bezel wasn't to big either. I don't feel that at that age the Baby-G points to a specific gender. My son just loves the colour of it, He says it reminds him of Jamaica lol
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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    what ? you all have children already? I thought G-shock wearers are single and aged from 18 to 26


    kidding aside, my 10 year old niece wants to have a G too, but her father stops me from buying her one since she tends to lose things, be it as small as money or as large as a bike

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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    definitely one of the 5600 series!
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    Used to own a lot of G's but now I only have TWO!
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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    mudman is the way to go! the old ones not the new ones, not 2 big, comfy, solid build. plus Tsip85 is right about the buttons.

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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    Hi and welcome,
    I'd suggest one of my favourite models - the G-7710-1 - it's rather small for a G-Shock and has a very good module - I think it also looks pretty cool with the inverted display:

    cheers, Sedi
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    Re: Casio G-Shock for a kid

    My son got a DW-5600MS and loves it. He even modded it with a white bezel. He wants a GW-6900 now.

    My younger son wants a G-shock, also doesn't want a baby-g. The 5600 looks on him like a King would look on a thin woman, but he seems to like it. I'll probably get him a 5600E. I really don't want to spend the money on anything slicker as there is a good chance he'll lose it. He's not good about keeping track of things.
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