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Casio Made in China????

Thread: Casio Made in China????

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  1. Schirra's Avatar

    Schirra said:

    Confused Casio Made in China????

    Hello, what do you think?
    It is legit this DW-6900 made in China... I have seen Casio made in Japan and malaisya, but never in China...

    It is a fake?

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  2. Resinbandit's Avatar

    Resinbandit said:

    Re: Casio Made in China????

    Hello Schirra,
    I believe you will find that Casio's are made all over the globe. Member Casionerd actually talks about a classic dw5x000 model made for the pakistan army.

    I think for a while Korea was where a lot of g-shocks came from (from memory the example on Sjors site? we all know what my memory is like :-D ). To be expected once that nation comes into it's own economically, it becomes "economically/politically" prudent to move elsewhere.

    To answer your question. No it's not a fake.:gold

    Casio's are made in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia ....anywhere else I'm forgetting?

    EDIT: You will also find that sometimes a G-shock has "Japanese Movement cased in ........."
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  3. OZZIE's Avatar

    OZZIE said:

    Re: Casio Made in China????

    Hi Schirra -

    If you don't want to take a risk, I would look for a Made In Korea, Japan or Malaysia as I have never seen a fake with these Made In words on the back.

    Made In China.. Hmmmm.. I've never seen a fake, nor an authentic with this on the back now I'm thinking....

    My advice, forget it and don't buy just in case
  4. RWare's Avatar

    RWare said:

    Re: Casio Made in China????

    I owned a 6900 made in China. Sold it becaus of the plastic buckle. It certainly seemed legit. I'm not at the level of the guru's here, but I think I've been right 99 percent of the time when someone asks if some watch on the bay if real or fake. At least I don't think I got fooled.
  5. pipes said:

    Re: Casio Made in China????

    Never heard of or saw a G made in China ! But I have one made in Korea a 6600 model and a pile made in Thailand and and a few a mine are the Japan Made models ......
  6. Brian D. said:

    Re: Casio Made in China????

    My 6900 also says "Made in China" as well. There was a thread some time back about the little white mark between the arrow on the left of the illuminator and the display, which mine has.
  7. Schirra's Avatar

    Schirra said:

    Re: Casio Made in China????

    Thanks to everybody... I have buy this watch, but is not coming here... Yesterday looking at the pictures, I've seen the "made in" inscription and this let me a little bad thinking about a fake.
    I have understand that there very low possibility that this is a fake, so I wait for the watch and I can see betetr with the watch in my hand.

    Again, Thanks!

    ps: eheemmmm... what's the purpose of the three small round dial!?:-S
  8. Sjors's Avatar

    Sjors said:

    Wink Re: Casio Made in China????

    I thought I should write here that I also have DW-6900's made in China, but I see I am not the only one :-D Alll three round dials are representing the seconds in a minute. If I'm right (I havn't got one lying here around at the moment) the Big one represent the 10 seconds mark, the smal ones the single seconds. If I recall right my memory it's called "Time Progression Animation" (well, it could be freely translated from Dutch I think).


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  9. Schirra's Avatar

    Schirra said:

    Re: Casio Made in China????

    Thank Sjors, you are always present to help people like me!

  10. OZZIE's Avatar

    OZZIE said:

    Re: Casio Made in China????

    I've never seen a made in China either but obviously they are because Sjors has one


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