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Dubai - Where do I find G-shocks?

Thread: Dubai - Where do I find G-shocks?

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  1. cutepape's Avatar

    cutepape said:

    Confused Dubai - Where do I find G-shocks?

    Ok so this is one long shot.
    But since this is a global forum I thought I might try. :)

    I am in Dubai for a few days and went to the Mall of the Emirates today... nota G-shock in sight :( With over 300 stores I thought I was sure to find one.

    Anyone been here and have any good tips on where to find G-shocks?
    Yes I know.. I should be buying some more expensive brand while here.. but cant really afford to splash out a lot of $$$$ :(
    But then again.. G-shocks are great and I love em!!

    Another funny thing.. tried to upload some pictures to my flickr account but flickr is a "banned" site with the UAE ISPs.. because of its contents.. :(

    So.. any Dubai G-shock tips and I will owe you for life! ;)

    Wish I could move here.. 46C degrees and sun..
    Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. - James Byron Dean

  2. hoochy's Avatar

    hoochy said:

    Re: Dubai - Where do I find G-shocks?

    No idea about Dubai but try photobucket for your uploads

    Watches are frickin evil!
  3. deano42's Avatar

    deano42 said:

    Re: Dubai - Where do I find G-shocks?


    You will not see any in the malls.

    Head down town and towards the gold soulk (market), plenty of smaller watch shops there selling Japanese watches, Gs, Casio & Seiko etc.

    Happy hunting
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