GD350-8 vs Rangeman
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Thread: GD350-8 vs Rangeman

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    GD350-8 vs Rangeman

    Yes it's kind of a weird comparison i know (:
    I'm just looking for a G-shock that's easy to read , has large digits but also looks cool.
    How big are the digits on the gd350 vs the Rangeman?
    Which one of them has a bigger and sharper display?
    I'm not going to use most of the functions on the Rangeman but it's looks cool and looks bigger and has tough solar and looks more durable but I'm not sure it's worth the extra $$$

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    Re: GD350-8 vs Rangeman

    The digits on the GD-350 are bigger than those on the Rangeman. The latter has rather small digits for the size of the watch.

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    Re: GD350-8 vs Rangeman

    GD350-8 is my best G-Shock. I have few of 'em and that's the one that gets most of the wrist time.
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    There's a watch in my pocket and it's hands are broken, the face is blank but the gears are turnin'.

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    Re: GD350-8 vs Rangeman

    I had rangeman and now I have GD350 so firsthand - Rangeman is gone only because of too small digits.

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    Re: GD350-8 vs Rangeman

    I had both until about 10 minutes ago. I just sent back my GD-350-1B. I will say that even the negative screen on that particular model is more legible than the Rangemans positive screen but it is completely inferior in every other aspect imo.

    GD-350 - more legible display

    Rangeman - better overall build quality, better looks, far better buttons (build quality), far better features, basically better everything except the legibility but it is still clear enough and has big enough digits for me.

    However I didn't return it for those reasons, obviously I expected lesser build quality and knew what features it had etc. before I bought it. I just decided I didn't actually like the look of it that much, but also as quite a few other people have mentioned the button feel is particularly poor (again this is subjective and some find it fine) and on mine they made a squeaky/creaking sound when pushing them apart from the metal timer button and the light button.

    The GD-350 has a great reputation on here and is well-liked. There is a big difference in price and features between them so as you say it is a bit of a strange comparison. If your main concern is the size and legibility of the digits and you're not bothered about the extra features of the Rangeman, you should get the GD-350 as it's a lot less and has the superior display in that regard. Depends on if you prefer the look too I guess. Personally I think I'm going to opt for the GW-7900 to replace the GD-350; after having the Rangeman I really like to have the solar and atomic functions now, and the 7900 is also supposed to have a good display and nice quality buttons.
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    Re: GD350-8 vs Rangeman

    I concur that the buttons are creaky on my GD350 too, especially the upper left one, but that seems to be par for the course on G-Shocks of this I'll live with it. But I love my GD-350-1B, I didn't think I would, but I just do. I find the Rangeman to be too busy, not quite my style, I like low-key, and the extra features on it are of no interest to me. I do however like the FONTS on my GD350 much better, and the 15 minute offsets, along with the vibration alarms, none of which is available on the Rangeman, these two watches are just two different beast for different people really.
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    Re: GD350-8 vs Rangeman

    Casually strolled into this thread because one of the 'Shocks I'm looking at is a potential replacement for my old battered Riseman. The Rangeman is of course a proper multi-sensor G-Shock and thus functionally more in line with the Riseman but the GD-350 has a similar shape and layout to the Riseman, plus I think the streamlined GD-350 looks better than the Rangeman when both are worn with nylon (NATO/Zulu) straps. Over here the price of any Rangeman is 3 times that of any GD-350 so if I were you, I'd go for the 350. Tough solar isn't really the bee's knees to the point of being mandatory, I've mentioned this in other threads and there has been multiple posters over the years saying that they eventually had to replace the solar battery on various models right around the 15th year since each watch's production, in fact I just changed the solar battery on my GW-200 made in 2002 today after much humming and hawing about it not keeping proper charge anymore. Exactly 15 years later. Meanwhile the regular CR2025 batteries on the G-7900s for instance can easily last 10+ years as well.

    If you are willing to consider models outside these two though, I'd suggest also looking at the "Mini Frogman" G-7900. One of the comfier G-Shocks with very minimal "strap gap"!

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