GX-56-1A: Some Quick Shots Of A New Arrival
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Thread: GX-56-1A: Some Quick Shots Of A New Arrival

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    GX-56-1A: Some Quick Shots Of A New Arrival

    Went to Macy's today after a visit to the periodontist (nothing like getting old!). Checked out the GX-56 -- and decided that, at least upon initial impression, it didn't look freakishly big on me. (I'm not a big guy -- 5'9". And, after dropping a bunch of weight, I'm pretty height/weight proportionate these days. But I have pretty broad wrists for someone my size.)

    I also thought it did not "read" any bigger on my wrist than some of the oversized watches (Panerais, etc.) I've seen on other wrists about town.

    That's just an initial impression -- we'll see where it goes.

    Negative display is pretty legible. It is close to my GW-7900B -- not quite as crisp, in my judgement but close.

    I find the watch very comfortable. It feels light on my wrist.

    Finally, while I would not have had an objection if Casio had used the bigger case size to make the digits larger, I don't have a problem with the size of the digits -- either functionally or aesthetically. They are legible enough and I think the proportions work fine.

    So here are some quick indoor shots -- taken when I got back to the office. These are not very artful; they're taken indoors under flourescent lights. But they can give you an idea.

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    Re: GX-56-1A: Some Quick Shots Of A New Arrival

    Congrats on your "Domo"

    I have had pretty much the same experience as you in trying it on and initial reaction. After about a week I am really, REALLY struggling to wear anything else.


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    Re: GX-56-1A: Some Quick Shots Of A New Arrival

    Congrats! I love the size of the gx too.

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