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Okie dokey Sodamonkey. Cheers.

So I returned to my jewellers to find that they had unscrewed 3 out of four bezel screws - I was well impressed! So this will allow me to push the one remaining bezel screw through the Brazilian bezel hole.

I shall be returning Marta's two bezels and straps as I am planning on buying from another Brazilian seller who can inspect that the bezels are black in colour and has clear, crisp and pure white lettering. My combi bracelet is jet black so the dark grey bezel didn't sit well with me.

A new Renata CR2320 battery, pressure tested, one lubricated new O ring, lubricated the 4 button gaskets and 2 new strap pins for £13. I have decided to have a go at polishing my casing using Peek metal polish :) Also I shall be keeping the light scratches on the crystal as these are it's battle scars over the 30 years. A bit of its character - a testament to its longevity. Besides a screen protector is now on it so that slightly hides the scarring (I didn't really want to weaken the glass anyway). So I shall await the arrivals of the new bezels and the Peek polish.
Yeah, I don't mind small crystal marks, sometimes you don't even really notice them anyway.

Decent price for a service as well!

I have Peek polish at home as well, very good stuff!!

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