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    let's see your beater

    As a newcomer to the world of G Shock, I was drawn, as I'm sure many are, by it's reputation for toughness.However, after a month or so of reading these posts, all I've seen are pristine examples. So where are the ones, that have a story to tell, etched on their faces?

    If you have one that has sailed the world with you or spent 22 years in the forces or has survived the daily commute, let's see it, so we can admire it doing, what it was born to do!
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    Re: let's see your beater

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    Re: let's see your beater

    My precious~

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    Re: let's see your beater

    Here's my 1982 DW1000 that I wear for yard work and renovation projects.

    Name:  casio dw1000 shark mesh - 070214.jpg
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    Re: let's see your beater

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    Re: let's see your beater

    I've been wearing the GW-5000 for about two years now. While I do have a DW-5600e, I rarely wear that watch. The 5000 is my gym watch, work watch and professional watch. The bracelet I recently added to it gives the watch a new dimension of awesome. It's the only watch that I can keep on my wrist for an entire day without feeling the need to remove it. It's perfect! It may not look beaten up, but I do wear it pretty much everywhere. The DLC coated caseback has picked up a lot of tiny nicks and scratches. I consider them battle scars. It's also one of two watches -- the other being my Seiko SBBN015 diver -- that has seen saltwater action. It's a true veteran at this point. :)

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    The GW-5000 is a "luxury" watch that you can enjoy without worry. Yesterday, because the bracelet makes typing a little awkward, I took the watch off my wrist and set it on the table so that I could type easier. While reaching out for my cup of tea, I knocked the 5000 off the table and it dropped with a shuddering "plonk." Had it been one of the expensive autos I used to own, I would have cried. Instead, I shrugged and picked it up. Now that's G-Shock tough! :D

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    Re: let's see your beater

    Truth be told. My beater watch is either a DW-290 or a WS-220. But since I am inherently lazy, most of the time I wear all my other watches in rotation.

    Casio/ Citizen/ Deep Blue/ G-Shock/ Orient/ Pro Trek/ Seiko

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    Re: let's see your beater

    My hard-use/beater watch is the standard G9300 Mudman. The funny thing is, no matter what I throw at it (and I have put it through its paces), after a quick rinse it is never any worse for the wear.

    Here it is after a morning of working outdoors.

    And here it is that same afternoon after taking a rain bath...Good as new!

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    Re: let's see your beater

    This GW-5600J is my beater watch and I've had it for 8 years. I deployed to Afghanistan with a Luminox watch that promptly ran out of juice the first week there. Picked up this beauty at the PX and never looked back. I keep holding off getting a GW-5000 because I don't want to replace this one, it means a lot to me.
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    Re: let's see your beater


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    Cheers, Piowa

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