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Thread: Tiktox website down

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    Re: Tiktox website down

    Rest in peace Keith....
    Very sad. ..
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    Re: Tiktox website down

    very sad and sudden news indeed. thoughts go out to his family and friends, there are going to be alot more boring Gs out there now without him :(

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    Re: Tiktox website down

    RIP Keith.

    Bought some extra GX56 bezels and a band from him. The service and prices were impeccable. Too few small vendors like him left and now one less!
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    Re: Tiktox website down

    Thats one very sad story!

    Keith was the no 1 source for G-Shock parts for EU customers.

    Purchases from him always fueled my fire for G-Shocks!
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    Re: Tiktox website down

    Sad loss bought a couple of watches from him, decent guy rip, god must have needed a g shock guy up there!
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    Re: Tiktox website down

    Though I've never personally dealt with Tiktox earlier, I'm shocked to hear the news. RIP Keith and may God give strength to his family.

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    Re: Tiktox website down

    Not sure how long the family will continue to host the web site, so thought it may be a worthy tribute to replicate the message here...

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    Re: Tiktox website down

    Rest in Peace Keith!
    My deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

    My last purchased from him was a band and bezel for DW-5600EH, on April 10, 2017. I haven't installed those parts yet.
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    Re: Tiktox website down

    RIP. That's awful news.
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    Re: Tiktox website down

    Ahhh no, it's the news I feared. Without doubt the tributes will be rolling in for some time to come. And I hope his family and friends find some comfort in that.

    RIP and thank you.

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