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Thread: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    "Collecting G-Shock is much cheaper than collecting Rolex" ... :)

    I have been a fan of Casio since I was a kid, my first few watches that my dad bought for me was Casio, I have been hooked ever since.

    The question is "Had I ever been NOT a Casio / G-Shock fan?"


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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    The original question posed goes much deeper than the title suggests, so I'll answer in three parts as it relates to me.

    Why I like G-Shocks: In a word, Fun. They are fun watches. They are fun to collect, they are fun to customize, and most importantly they are the best watches to wear without worry while doing fun things.

    Why I wear a watch: As others have alluded to, it is a sign of a well put together man, someone who's time is important, and someone who realizes that everyone's time is important. I was taught when I was young that every grown man should have a good watch and a good pocket knife on him at all times. It's just something I've always done, and I've adapted that notion to include my daughters, not just men, and I've added to the list that everyone should have a flashlight on them at all times as well.

    My fascination with time: It's hard not to have a fascination with time, given the fact that we are allotted such a limited amount of it, and given how much of an insignificant amount of time a human lifetime is in the grand scheme of the universe. I'm not even sure if we, as humans, can even grasp the true essence of time. I particularly find fascinating the notion that many theoretical physicists hold, that all moments (past, present, and future), exist simultaneously, and that our human perception of the passage of time is just an illusion. I find that to be such a beautiful concept. To think that each of our actions echo throughout eternity, and through our actions we can create a life of everlasting joy or one of everlasting misery depending upon how we treat those around us. That we DO have a destiny, that our loved ones gone are still very much alive and well in the moments that we shared with them. I find these ideas much more comforting than the myths that I was told to believe in as a child. Is this really how things are? Hell, I don't know. Is my view of it flawed? Likely so. I'm no Einstein. I just find it a fascinating thing to contemplate.
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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    Knives & Lint, great post!

    Kind of inspires me to add a little more, just in support of what you've said. I was expecting that the smartphone era would kill the wrist watch. It did not. It sure put a dent in it, but not too badly. I think part of the reason is what you and others have said, that there is a certain integrity and respectability to wearing a watch. It shows that someone takes time seriously, outside of being a fashion accessory.

    About mechanical watches (non-quartz)... there is a certain charm to them. They are works of art in their own right. And talk about respect -- those mini engines were what sustained the wrist mounted time keeper since the mid 19th century and through the ravages of WWII. Quartz watches were like the Bic ballpoints of the pen world, unseating mechanical watches the way the ballpoint did to fountain pens. Mechanical wristwatches may be as scarce as fountain pens, considering public presence.

    I really thought I was going to make a pivot and dive into the world of mechanical watches, but I decided against it. I'm not on board with the philosophy. While I think the art of mechanical horology is terrific and should continue in some form or another, having it for everyday watch use is holding too much onto the past. It's one thing if you wear just one watch, and it doesn't need to be very accurate... but if you have a sizable watch rotation, mechanical watches will stop ticking... unless they've got automatic movement and are mounted on a winder. Which is kind of silly when you think about it... powering a device to keep your watch wound? That's why I won't buy another SEIKO Kinetic.

    Consistent 15 +/- secs per month was a terrific achievement by quartz movements, and CASIO often beats that. And with solar/atomic, it's close enough to 100% for it to be far more than adequate. While I don't mind resetting the time on a digital watch (so quick), it's bothersome with a mechanical watch... part of a bygone era. Time to move on.

    While I'm in no hurry to get there, I do hope to find myself at age 80 and still have some working CASIO digital watches from the 1980's. It'll be gratifying to see CASIO's achievements really standing the test of time. Literally.
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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    To answer your title question, I like G-Shocks because they make me look tougher than I really am.

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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    Gshocks have a good origin story too. Not like some microbrand popping up just to offer yet another diver.

    Someone had/has this watch quote in their sig:
    "I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all your breath trying to conquer it.
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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    My child brain was hardcoded and is still stuck in that period of the 1980's when the latest Casio "Marlin"s and other GShock precursors had the most fascination, and really got me interested in watches in general. It was the idea that you could take a DIGITAL watch to the beach, or even go sailing and surfing with a Casio. WATER FUN. So by the time the G came into bigger prominence I wasn't as impressed as I should have been. (I never really got into the Timex Ironman either.) I also preferred the solid, plastic cases of the nonG watches. I was into G's for a period of about 5 years (roughly 2005-2010). But I have reverted back to my first love. I only have two GShocks now, and they are mainly for nostalgia associated with them.
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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?


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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    Got my first job out of college in the late 80's and one of my co-workers had an original square G Shock / DW-5000C. I had to have one. A few weeks of saving, and I plunked down $39 to buy one in 1989. Been hooked ever since. Love the reliability, low cost (relatively), features and looks.
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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    I have loved watches since the first one I got at the age of 7 in the early 80's was a cheap Mickey Mouse watch in a birthday party fun bag and it made my wrist turn green. I love all watches cause they're a fun and practical accessory to wear but G-Shock's fit the bill particularly cause they come in a variety of models and colours that I find cool, youthful and tough.

    I however do not change my view of or judge someone who wears or doesn't wear a watch like some people in this thread seem to do. I find watches are a personal preference and there are many other ways to judge a person than what's on their wrist.
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    Re: What makes us like G-Shock so much?

    Heh. So busy trying to pontificate earlier that I didn't actually answer the question.

    My dad wore a Timex; it was the "workingman's watch" of it's day. IMO Timex was the G-Shock of its day. It was affordable to the working man and could take some abuse. If my dad had been alive when the first G-Shock was released he would have bought one and worn it (almost) every day; I doubt he would have ditched the Timex altogether because he was loyal/sentimental like that. I wear Timex watches because my father did and they are still solid watches but I wear G-shocks because, in today's world, they are truer to the reasons my dad wore a Timex.

    At their core, G-Shocks are the workingman's watch (until recently). They are affordable (most) and can "take a licking and keep on ticking". Beyond that, they also provide the workingman with an affordable way to express himself in more colorful ways if he so chooses. Sure, there might be a little ribbing from coworkers depending on how "colorful" one gets but ultimately, regardless of how flamboyant or gaudy the watch might be, one can still take a freaking hammer to it and proclaim, "Yeah, so what?" Try that with a Swatch or Fossil.

    The toughness of the G-Shock can never be denied. Sure, some wearers will never see the mountains or an ocean and will wear a G-Shock with fashion in mind but everyone has access to a hammer if they need to drive home a point. ;)
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