average barrel rotations?

Thread: average barrel rotations?

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    average barrel rotations?

    I have been reading an old patent for research, and it said that the barrel in the system displayed had about a 30 hour power reserve and needed 4 turns of the arbor to wind. It did not, however, mention the size or the amount of teeth on the barrel (or any of the other gears), so I don't know in how many turns this barrel unwinds.
    So my question is, is 4 arbor turns really that little to wind the spring fully, or is that normal? And in a couple of youtube videos I saw some barrels of very different sizes unwind in about 6 turns. Do you think the 6 barrel turns is about right for 4 arbor turns? Are they related, is there a way to know how many times the barrel turns if you know how many times the arbor rotates for a full wind (without being familiar with intricate mainspring mechanics)?

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    Re: average barrel rotations?

    Your asking the wrong kind of question in F2.

    You might wish to try something like, "Does this strap look good with this suit?"

    Leaves on the center seconds pinion.

    Count'em on the 6497 drawing.

    And the teeth on the barrel.

    Net wraps.

    This relies on those formulae that I alluded to earlier.

    How long is your specific mainspring?

    How thick?

    What is the diameter of your arbor?

    Diameter of your barrel?

    12H? 24H?

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    Re: average barrel rotations?

    Can you just tell me if the amount of rotations of the barrel is proportionate to the rotations it takes to wind the arbor? Let's say everything about the barrel and spring is average, if it takes 6 arbor rotations to wind the spring, does that mean that the amount of rotations of the barrel is related to the ratio between the diameters of the arbor and barrel? so if the arbor is 3mm wide and the barrel 15mm, does that mean that the barrel makes 1.2 rotations ((3/15)*6=1.2)? Or is there some other relationship between Arbor and barrel diameter and their number of rotations?

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