Chronograph Titus Gold 18 K. Case.

Thread: Chronograph Titus Gold 18 K. Case.

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    Chronograph Titus Gold 18 K. Case.

    Here are some pictures I leave my new Titus Gold 18 K. Totally Original, this Titus geneve sealed in its bridge, ride a Landeron 48, I hope your comments, I hope you enjoy it.
    Alejandro a Greeting.

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    Re: Chronograph Titus Gold 18 K. Case.

    i have a very similar watch made by EGONA, perhaps they were made by the same base company? mines 18k case looks the same as well as the chrono and pushers.

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    Re: Chronograph Titus Gold 18 K. Case.

    Many of those Landeron based chronographs have been made by a great number of watchmakers, often small private enterprises - and they may well have used not only the Landeron 48 (148/248) movements as a standard, but generally also bought cases and even dials from bigger producers - just getting their name on the bridge of the movement and on the dial

    Many of the 18 K version would be very thin - onion skin type of gold - volnrable of dings - and that can often be seen from the fact that apart from the gold back - they will have an extra metal (brass often) back - inside the gold back

    I cannot see from the example here if it has two backs or not.

    Generally however, 18K chronographs of the time - in heavier gold cases - will not have two backs and will often have a columnwheel machine inside, rather than the Landeron 48 type

    So it is natural than two such chronos looks much the same. They are very typical of their time , and collectable watches, but take care of the rather thin gold cases - if it has two backs

    Best regards

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    Re: Chronograph Titus Gold 18 K. Case.

    Good info, tnx!
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