Compass with automatic declination correction?

Thread: Compass with automatic declination correction?

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    Compass with automatic declination correction?

    I am looking for a watch with a compass that includes automatic declination correction.

    My current watch allows me to enter the declination to correct its digital compass, but it means that when I'm in a new country and don't know the declination I have to look it up, struggle with entering it, etc. I've been considering watches like the Suunto Traverse, which have a digital compass and include a GPS. Unfortunately, according to their support line, I'll still have to enter the declination correction manually. Given that the watch connects to my computer and can get my precise location, it seems like this sort of manual correction shouldn't be necessary.

    Is anyone aware of watches with a digital compass that perform this correction automatically, based on location?

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    Re: Compass with automatic declination correction?

    Check on the Digital and ABC Watch forum here on WUS.

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