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    Custom Watch Face Paint


    I am getting a watch soon and I am looking into custom painting the face. It is something I have never seen done and I feel this watch is perfect for it. It is one of those new-fangled binary watches so it has a lot of space on the face that does not need to have anything written on it to tell what time it is.

    I am kinda nervous about doing this for two reasons. 1: taking the watch out of the case completely to expose the face, 2: having a foreign paint inside the closed case.

    First off does anyone know if this is going to fail. Tell it to me straight, I can take it.

    But if its possible, and I actually have a chance to make this watch even more awesome than it is then how should I go about it. All of the videos and guides I've found are on analog watches, not digital ones. Will taking out the guts of the watch possibly cause a catastrophic failure and cause the watch to cease functioning? If not what paint should I use? Will any type of paint work or should I get a specific type. Ya know like acrylic vs oil base vs water color pencils ect....

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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