How to unscrew caseback without special tool?

Thread: How to unscrew caseback without special tool?

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    How to unscrew caseback without special tool?

    My new Seiko SKX031 is running a little fast, and I want to take off the caseback and slow it down. How can I take off the back without damaging it? I know that there are special tools to do it, but I don't want to have to buy something and I don't want to take it to a watchmaker, as it will probably take much trial and error to adjust the speed. Also, can someone please tell me what would be best for adjusting the movement? I was thinking a small flathead screwdriver.

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    Re: How to unscrew caseback without special tool?

    I use a minature padded vice and carefully use needlenose pliars, if you aren't afraid of slipping and getting a scratch. But I would never try to adjust the movement itself. That would be more than cosmetic damage if you messed up. For a small fee most jewelers could fix that.

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    Re: How to unscrew caseback without special tool?

    You can buy cheap functional caseback tools on eBay for less than $10 shipped. IMO, the heartache caused by gouging up your caseback because you decided to save a few bucks and used makeshift tools is not worth it.
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    Re: How to unscrew caseback without special tool?

    You should definitely have a watchmaker do the adjustment. As for taking the caseback off - spend the few bucks to get a proper tool. I used to use a Swiss army knife and/or a screwdriver until I gouged my hand badly and bled all over the place. Watch got scratched too...

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    Re: How to unscrew caseback without special tool?

    It's a long shot but if you have one of those small hand exercise balls that you squeeze to build strenght, you might be able to press it against the back of the watch which you hold in your palm and turn the caseback via the ball. The lugs, if curved, may get in the way. If "Ahhhnold" the watchmaker tightened the case last time, it might not work.

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