Launch of BOMBERG in the Netherlands

Thread: Launch of BOMBERG in the Netherlands

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    Picture Launch of BOMBERG in the Netherlands

    BOMBERG has been highly welcomed by the medias and trade professionals at the Utrecht fair. BOMBERG and his partner for Benelux, Chronos, are ready to rock in the Netherlands.

    The House of BOMBERG was hosted byDENNIS VAN DER GEEST, impressive judo champion, talented DJ, and proud father of two sons! Discover our three collections, 1968, Maven and Semper on BOMBERG.CH.

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    Re: Launch of BOMBERG in the Netherlands

    And now they're also for sale in the official webshop [commercial content removed]
    Btw, the person on the back with the two watches and the tattoos is me :)
    They hired me to walk around the fair and stand at the door to let people in.
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