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    My first SOTC...

    Hi All,
    I would like to share pics of my growing watch collection. I wont really do review of my watches, rather what i like most about them or why i bought them. I have always loved watches, I remember getting my first watch, a Timex, when i was about 8. I cannot tell you how many digital watches i went through in the 80's and in the 90's i just wish i had had the foresight to buy watches that have now soared in value. I dont flip any of my watches and feel very luck to be able to collect and keep them. My collection really started with my Oris, i will try to put pics up in order i got them. I like 3 hand watches and although i dont really have a theme as such, i was heading down the pilots route but that came to a stop thanks to WUS and my exposure to dive watches and micro brands.
    So here we go...(i will apologise for the crappy pics)

    First up my Oris. I got this as my first serious watch before I got married. This is the second version as the first got stolen. Long story but got money from airline and then found this one. This is my every day go to watch. I love the blue dial and hinged lugs which fit me small wrists very well

    Then i got the Accutron from my ex girlfriends grandfather. Its from 1967 and is simply a classic vintage watch for all occasions

    I found the Ingersol lurking somewhere in a drawer so now my collection is 3...

    I got my Bell & Ross and my downfall was a trip to a mall in Vancouver. Not seen the brand before and fell in love. I just love the blackness of the case and dial and the utilitarian look. I paired it up with a gasgasbones strap which seems to be its natural partner.

    Next came the Archimede. This was the replacement for my Oris. Its 45mm and i love the big onion crown. It has recently been put on a leather NATO and suits it very well. I wanted a vintage pilots feel to this one.

    The Bell & Ross 02 was a quick buy as there were going out of production so i had to get one. I love B&R anyway and hope to add the 123 line at some point. This is a huge watch but very wearable. I love especially the internal bezel crown sticking right out like that. This one gets a lot of wrist time

    The Vostok was next, maybe actually before the 02, cant remember. I love the thin bezel and 2 crown on this one. Also, it is dual time and i use than a lot for when i am travelling in Europe. I dont know what the DLC coating is made of but this thing takes a beating and still looks perfect.

    The Ice watch is just a bit of fun and my only Chrono. Its big, 45mm but again wears well. My favourite feature is the transparent orange case. My wife is dutch so i feel like i am supporting her when she goes mental at the football Hup Holland!

    The Stowa was an ebay find. It needs some repair which i will do soon. Another vintage piece. I love the day/ date in German. I speak German fluently so can relate to it. Its an automatic and runs well

    ...this is where ebay starts to get out of control! My next find was this lovely 70's diver. £68.00 bargain. I really love the size of this one and it seems to suit a NATO perfectly. This one also gets some good wrist time

    and now we move on to my grail. The tactico TC2. This is by far my most beloved watch. I have been searching for one for nearly a year and finally tracked on down in Holland. this is the watch that gave me a grail to search for. I love everything about it. The strap it is on is a Hirsch Ayrton which came with the Crepas and seems to just suit this so well.

    And my first Crepas, arrived last week. I love the vintage dive feel to this one. Got it on custom leather option. It wears a little larger than i thought but its a lovely watch nevertheless. If this and the tactico are anything to go by, Creaps will be seeing more of my money!


    i have also accumulated quite a few straps along the way and not 100% sure how that happened. I am now also looking for another watch box as the existing one is full. I am hoping my next watch to be the Hamilton Pan Europ on blue dial.

    I have to say, WUS has been great at helping me learn more about different brands and i am always lurking. This is my first big post so i hope you enjoy my collection.

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    Re: My first SOTC...

    Nice collection, love that Archimede!!
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    Re: My first SOTC...

    Great collection! The Tactico TC2 is a favorite of mine.Love the colors! I have wanted one since they came out, but I've yet to pull the trigger though.

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    Re: My first SOTC...

    You have a nice collection! Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: My first SOTC...

    Nice varied collection. Lovely Accutron and I love that Crepas
    - appreciating fine affordable watches since 2011

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    Re: My first SOTC...

    Thanks for the comments guys. It sure is an addictive hobby. I want to get things a bit more organised with boxes and get my straps in some sort of order and see what arrives next!

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    Re: My first SOTC...

    Good looking stable. I particulary like the Oris.

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    Re: My first SOTC...

    Your collection shows both good taste and variance.
    Nicely done and thanks for sharing it with us.
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