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    Romilly automatic

    Anyone can give more info on this brand? Search the net and some listed in thousands of dollar whilst others bid starts at $50.

    Heard this is from China but pretty reliable. I am not into buying brands but value for money auto mechanical watches. Have looked at Seiko but pretty common over in Asia. Any German that is reasonable? Oh forgot to mention, dress watch preferred.

    Thank you for any info

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    Re: Romilly automatic

    First of all: Welcome to Watchuseek.

    You posted on the wrong forum that´s why I moved your question to the Public Forum.

    Imho Romilly is just another mushroom brand (you may use the search function to get to know what a mushroom brand is about). Their "history" is nice but most probably a fairy tale. Romilly, Jean, indeed was born in 1714 in Geneva, he died in 1796 and worked in Paris/France, Ile de France. But that´s it. Romilly watches of our times can´t claim any connection to this watchmaker. They just have chosen his name to play with his name.

    Their watches indeed seem to be of asian and/or chinese origin and compete with Louis Bolle, Bernoulli, Rousseau and other ebay brands. Pretty reliable ? I don´t know. Depends on your requirements and definition of "reliable".

    Reliable german watches in a decent price range ?

    Archimede, Stowa are highly recommended here on WUS and TZ.
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