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Thread: Swiss Quartz chronograph vs. Automatic chronograph watch

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    Question Swiss Quartz chronograph vs. Automatic chronograph watch

    Hi, everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Could anyone give me some suggestions? Since I'm a poor college student, I want to spend my hard earned partime job money on buying my first SWISS chronograph watch, Dear Santa Clause failed me again

    I have narrowed down to 2 TAG watches, one is Quartz, the other is Automatic. They cost around same, looks similar. So it came down to reliability, accuracy, and service cost.

    I've heard the Auto one may not be very accurate and reliable, authentic parts and dealer service could costs a fortune. Did anyone know how much exactly will it cost for the dealer to service and tune the watch? On the other hand, quartz watch is more accurate, but need to change battery every 2-3 years. and I really want to try an Auto chronograph, hopefully it's not a mistake.

    Please give me some advices. I really appreciate it!

    Best regards and happy new year!

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    Re: Swiss Quartz chronograph vs. Automatic chronograph watch

    a quartz watch will always be more accurate than a mechanical.

    changing a battery every 2-3 will be a very minimal expense compared to a service of a mechanical watch.

    I'm surprised that both the auto & quartz chronos cast about the same, as quartz is usually a bit more affordable.

    Now, with all that said I simply love mechanical watches & can not see myself buying another quartz watch again. Mechanicals are just too cool for me.
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    Re: Swiss Quartz chronograph vs. Automatic chronograph watch

    i have a watch with the eta g10 chronograph movement. when they fail, they are replaced as opposed to being repaired. if you get a good one(some of them do fail) your only maintenance will be a battery swap.
    that's something to consider.

    here's the watch

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    Re: Swiss Quartz chronograph vs. Automatic chronograph watch

    I have both Swiss mechanical and quartz chronographs. They serve different purposes. The quartz will be tougher, cheaper to maintain, likely cheaper to purchase, and more accurate. The mechanical will have a nice sweeping seconds hand and give you the satisfaction of having a precision machine on your wrist. I am not a quartz basher, as I have a few that I love, but I do prefer mechanicals.
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    Re: Swiss Quartz chronograph vs. Automatic chronograph watch

    Seconded. Quartz and mechanicals are cool for different reasons. I have both and I like both, but from a purely idealogical standpoint I prefer the mechanicals. After all, mechanical watches were like the iPods of their day. They were the absolute pinnacle of miniaturization and engineering precision. To this day they remain amazing machines that render stunningly accurate time considering the fact that the entire system works on springs and gears. Quartz are cool for different reasons. They offer a much wider range of practical features and are arguably more durable. You don't have to mess with winders so they're primarily "set it and forget it" watches. Additionally, quartz watches offer a vast array of interesting configurations from pure digital to analogue to analogue/digital hybrids. Ultimately it's a matter of personal choice. Me? I choose BOTH.

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