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    Watch prices at Dubai

    Hi all! I'm planning on taking a trip at Dubai & I've been told that the prices of new watches over there are better than Europe. I've also been told that the ADs at Dubai are rather flexible on discounts. Is this true? I am mostly interested in omega, IWC, JLC or zeniths.
    Thanks for any inpout.

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    Re: Watch prices at Dubai

    Welcome to WUS Panos!
    I have no clue about prices in Dubai but hopefully someone can help.
    Enjoy your trip and good luck!
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    Re: Watch prices at Dubai

    "I've been told that the prices of new watches over there are better than Europe"

    Don't believe it, true there maybe some bargains but I'm finding with the current $ exchange rate getting stuff from USA is more favourable, even with tax and import duty!
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