What use is the 'Tachymeter'?

Thread: What use is the 'Tachymeter'?

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    Question What use is the 'Tachymeter'?

    All right, been thinking on this for a bit.

    I feel quite annoyed, time from time, when seeing that dreadful 'tachymeter' bezel on watches (one of mine has that thing too).. I just can't understand what possible function it may have. Looks? Well, maybe for some people.. Time-telling? Not really, the numbers there have no correlation to minutes, hours, days or even weeks. Calculating? Again no, those are often stamped on non-rotating bezels.. Chrono? Again, not really, as the numbers don't really make any sense.

    So what is this 'tachymeter' for? And, if it has a use, are you actually using it or is it just a 'design thing' that you don't mind?

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    Re: What use is the 'Tachymeter'?

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    Re: What use is the 'Tachymeter'?

    Quote Originally Posted by X2-Elijah View Post
    Chrono? Again, not really, as the numbers don't really make any sense.
    The links above are good, and there's plenty of other places that will come up by doing a search.

    But, you will also find tachymeter scales on non-chronograph watches. Sometimes it's a watch that's sort of trying to look like a chronograph but has date function sub dials instead of a real stopwatch function. Other times it may just be a time only watch where someone slapped a tachymeter scale on it. Those are worse than useless. Someone with no clue designed such a watch and it's just cluttering up the watch needlessly.

    I suppose it would be possible to put a tachymeter on a rotating bezel and then try to rotate the bezel to line up with the second hand at the exact correct time and look at the second hand when the mile has elapsed to find the speed, but that would be awkward at best. And I don't believe I've ever seen a tachymeter scale printed on a rotating bezel before.
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    Re: What use is the 'Tachymeter'?

    Theoretically all you need to use a tachymeter is a hacking seconds hand
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