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Thread: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    Watches look cool thats ALL!

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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    Quote Originally Posted by cbaytan View Post
    Thanks to cell phones, the need for the wrist watches for only telling the time becomes les and less important...
    I really don't understand this argument. In my experience, this applies only for school kids, and those who are glued to their phone. Professionals and/or highly successful people almost invariably wear watches, unless there is a good reason not too (i.e., they interfere with the performance of their duties). If one is in a meeting with professionals and wants to know the time, one does not reach in one's pocket and whip out a phone; instead one discreetly glances at one's watch for .3 seconds. By extension, the argument that the cell phone has replaced the watch, is almost as ludicrous as arguing that the facebook page has replaced the need for the wedding/engagement ring because all of the people who know an individual are aware of their marrital/engagement status. There is a history, tradition, and style that extends beyond the function.
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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    Because when I strap my watch to my wrist, it puts a smile on my face. Watches are historical in design, and whether they are a modern quartz, retro piece, or a mechanical marvel, we are honoring a tradition that has existed for two centuries. As a professional, I would look goofy and unprofessional reaching for my iPhone everytime I wanted to know what time it is. I can certainly glance at my watch in a fraction of a second and that brief glance, still brings me immeasurable pleasure. Now, if I could just be happy with "A" watch. Alas, that seems not in the cards. This forum has ruined me for life and I fear many more purchases will be in my future!
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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    I have clocks in my truck and on my phone, and even on some of the equipment I use every day. I wear a watch because I just love the character and mechanical complexity of a watch. I like how it makes me feel, and yes - I like what it says about me: that I am traditional; that I have style; that I am successful; that I am rugged; that I am nostalgic.
    One of my very favorite parts of every day is, after I've dressed, getting to choose which watch best represents my style, my mood, and my goals for that day. It's often a very hard decision as I have over 80 watches, but I truly love the satisfaction of choosing just the right watch.

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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    A gentleman always wear a watch.

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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    Quote Originally Posted by wristclock View Post
    I wear a watch because I'm soooo much smarter than the multitude of the unrefined masses that use cell phones and wall clocks and digital car clocks. Instead I spent thousands of dollars on an archaic machine that is less accurate than a 10$ digital at wall mart.....but hey at least I think it looks pretty sweet on my wrist. I also seek approval from random people on Internet watch forums when I post pictures and they "like" my watch and it gives me validation that I didn't really waste my money on a "stupid watch" as my friends would say.

    You might be happier over there:

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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    Because it's there.

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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    I wear a watch because I enjoy wearing them.
    I'd like to know the time with a flick of a wrist and I love to stare at it sweeping or ticking whenever I'm bored.
    A chronograph is a definite plus, I like to time things, waiting in line etc.

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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    I have two cell phones that I use every day (one personal, one job-related) and almost all my working day relates to sitting in front of a computer. But when i want to check the time I always look at the watch on my hand. Always. A cell phone is for making and receiving phone calls, a computer is for computing and visiting watchuseek. My watches tell the time my way.

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    Re: Why Do You Wear a Watch?

    Giving life and purpose to an obsolete mechanical watch (which according to some, has a soul) makes me feel like a saviour and a god.

    I should note that I am also prone to illusions of grandeur.
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